Starfield Q&A: Pete Hines Reveals Some Interesting Things

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Starfield Q&A: Pete Hines Reveals Some Interesting Things

As you surely remember, a few days ago, Bethesda decided to induce a Starfield Q&A on Discord to answer some questions from fans. The news (and confirmations) that came from that rich Q&A are many, but the news didn't end there. In the past few hours, in fact, Pete Hines has released an interview in which he has revealed some very juicy details about the game that the Reddit community has not been slow to collect in a single thread, highlighting the most salient points.

Pete Hines talks about Starfield

As mentioned, the information is many and also quite detailed, for this reason, therefore, if you don't want any type of spoiler, even if it is small, we do not advise you to continue reading. If not, if you're curious to find out what Hines said about Starfield, here are the most important things.

  • The game doesn’t really start until after the main quest

  • He says it’s his favorite Bethesda main quest ever

  • He once accidentally got sucked into the vacuum of space because he boarded an enemy ship and the pilot took off

  • Multiple passive POIs across the galaxy to find. An example he gave was a set of farms where the people give resources to the people of other planets

  • Modders will be able to create planets

  • Certain companions will get annoyed with you if you do bad things. Even companions who are really close to you

  • Lots of settlements with their own people and quests to find outside of the major cities

  • New game plus relates to the main story so he couldn’t say a word about it. Says it’s different from the most new game plus mechanics and is rather “special”

  • He doesn’t know if you can fly from planet to planet as Grav Driving is much quicker (only takes a few seconds apparently)

  • Weapon mods combined with skills are really diverse. Said that he felt like Iron Man at one stage

  • You can get bounties put on you but there are ways to undo them

  • Museum on New Atlantis explains the lore of the game. The colony war, what happened to Earth etc.

  • Says the boost pack skill is really important and fun

  • Adoring fan can not become a robot

  • There’s an enormous amount of creatures. He has no clue how many are in the game

  • Also has no clue how long it would take to 100% the game. Says after 150 hours he isn’t even slightly close

  • Lots of mod support post-launch

  • Mission boards can ask you to build outposts on planets.

  • He gave a hilarious example where the mission board gave him a quest to take two people across to a different planet. After 5 hours he found the 2 people still on board his ship and realized he had completely forgotten to take them to their destination.

  • Lots of Easter eggs as you’d expect across the game

  • No level cap (he thinks)

  • Starter guides are coming out according to the German interviewer. No clue when.

  • People on PC who have played the game early have said performance is smooth

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In short, there are many of interesting new information that allows us to give us an even clearer vision of what Starfield will be. We take this opportunity to remind you that yesterday Phil Spencer also spoke about Starfield, saying how the game looks more like Oblivion than Skyrim. For the rest, we remind you that the game will be released on September 6 for PC and Xbox Series X|S, as well as being available from day one also on Game Pass.



Starfield Q&A: Pete Hines Reveals Some Interesting Things
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