Starfield Neon Location: How to Find it

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Starfield Neon Location: How to Find it

Starfield is a game full of planets and cities to explore. If you are an adventurous gamer, you will surely have the desire to explore far and wide what the game has to offer and for this reason, you may want to know the Starfield Neon location and everything this city offers. In this article, therefore, we will remove any doubts and explain everything in detail.

Where to find Neon in Starfield

First of all, before we get into the activities you can do on Neon, you need to know how to get there. So this is why we will explain in detail the Starfield Neon location. Neon is located on Volii Alpha in the Volii system. In order to get to Neon, you will have to travel through the Olympus system, which means that if you have never been to that system, the first thing to do is travel there, and then you can head to the Volii system.

Keep in mind that Volii is part of the systems that are governed by the Freestar Collective faction, so if you have any bounty active on you we recommend you pay it, otherwise, getting to your destination and exploring the city of Neon will be difficult, as you will have guards to the horns that will try to kill you. Furthermore, as in any other case when you arrive on another planet, your ship will be scanned, so if you know you are in possession of illegal goods you either get rid of them or upgrade your vehicle with a shielded cargo.

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After these preliminary preparations, and once you have reached Volii, you can open your Starmap and select Volii Alpha, which is where Neon is located. At this point, you can select the city to land in the Neon's spaceport. One thing we recommend you do as soon as you set foot on the surface of Neon is to go directly across the bridge to get to an elevator that will automatically take you to the center of the city. This will be very useful when you decide to return to Neon as it will allow you to fast travel directly to the city and therefore without repeating the process described above.

starfield neon location

Neon activities

After describing the Starfield Neon location, here there is what you can do on Neon. You will visit Neon obligatorily during the sixth main mission of the game, All That Money Can Buy, but beyond this, Neon offers players a myriad of activities, faction missions, and side missions that can be completed. So, you can spend many hours on Neon before picking up your ship again and heading somewhere else.

Neon is divided into three main areas, namely Neon Core, Ebbside, and Underside. To be able to move more easily and quickly between these three macro areas, there are many lifts that perfectly connect the various places in the city. Now that you have a general overview of how Neon is structured, let's go into more detail by talking about the three macro areas.

Neon Core

Neon Core, as you can also guess from its name, is the central part of this Starfield settlement and is the place where you will find the main vendors, as well as the hotels and offices of the main factions present in the game. Furthermore, in this place, you can also find useful buildings such as the Trade Authority, the Astral Lounge, and the Enhance.

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The Astral Lounge is where you can go if you intend to buy illegal drugs, such as Aurora, which allows you to slow down time for 10 seconds. As it is an illegal drug, keep this in mind when you decide to take back the ship and pay attention to the authorities.

Also, for those interested in joining the Ryujin Industries faction in Starfield, this is where it resides. Accordingly, here you will be able to accept real missions that are related to this faction. Speaking of missions, don't bother talking to the various characters in the shops, as they almost always have at least one secondary mission to complete.

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Neon Ebbside

Ebbside is the part of Neon where the various gangs clash with each other to claim their power. Although this is not a recommendable area, many missions will require you to visit this part of Neon, so always pay close attention because it is not uncommon for the gangs that clash with each other to also involve people who have nothing to do with them.

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Neon Underside

Unlike the other two areas we have just described, the Underside is half off-limits, unless you have to go there to complete specific Starfield missions. Ultimately, there isn't much to see or do in this area of the city, other than accepting a side quest from a character.

starfield neon location

Starfield Neon Location: How to Find it
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