Starfield: Meet the Characters

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Starfield: Meet the Characters

Starfield will be a game full of details regarding the story and the characters that take part in it. For this reason, the official accounts of Starfield and Bethesda have begun to publish some information on some of the main characters that players will meet during their adventure. If you are curious to find out a few more details before the official launch of the game, in this article, we have decided to collect in one place all those shared up to now by the development team.

Starfield characters

Below you will find an overview of some of the main characters that you will be able to meet once you decide to start your space journey in the world of Starfield.


Noel is a scientist who, after reading the work published by Sarah Morgan in a scientific journal, has decided to espouse her cause. After a brief conversation, Morgan decided to take her under her wing. Noel's job is to study the artifacts that are found, analyze their properties, and theorize about what the effects could be.

Matteo Khatri

Matteo is a theologian who made his name as an explorer by tracking down religious artifacts that were lost after being taken from Earth. With each artifact that is added to their collection, Matteo becomes more and more convinced that there is some sort of higher deity who rules the universe.


Andreja is an excellent astronomer and navigator. Her ways are mysterious and raise some questions about her past and what she has done, but her abilities are beyond question. Mostly a lone wolf, she found in Vladimir the only ally who helped her settle into this new way of life.

Sam Coe

From an early age, Sam had a passion for the stars and the universe. When one day he stole a small ship and took a tour of the stars, it was the moment he realized that his greatest desire in his life was to live among the stars. Although Sam is a descendant of the founder of the Freestar Collective, Solomon Coe, he prefers not to meddle in such things and live in the suburbs.


Barrett is an engineer who, prior to joining Constellation, was on the United Colonies physics team. Fed up with his lab work, he decided to change his life and join Constellation by using his scientific knowledge to explore the universe. The discovery of new artifacts brings with it new questions, but Berrett will always be ready to find the answers, whatever the cost.

Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan is one of the Colony War veterans. Although she was only a sailor, her ship has been a spectator of many battles, which has deeply disturbed her. The trauma she experienced during the war is something she carries with her. However, after the end of the war, Sarah decided to devote her life to exploration to discover new worlds.

Starfield: Meet the Characters
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