Starfield Mechs: Can You Use Them?

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Starfield Mechs: Can You Use Them?

In the various videos, showcases, and, recently, also in the Starfield: The Settled Series System series, we have had the opportunity to understand that humans have been able to create mechs. Starfield mechs were used both for wars and for exploring the universe and, as we have learned, these mechs were a very important resource during the Colony War, so it is very likely that in the most remote areas of the Starfield universe, you can find the remains of these machines.

Can you pilot mechs in Starfield?

The possibility that the developers have decided to include the remains of the mechs in the game settings is very high, but will it be possible to pilot them? This is one of the questions that most aroused interest in the community. Having the ability to pilot these huge war machines would certainly be a very interesting feature that many would like to but, unfortunately, it will not be possible. The confirmation comes directly from Todd Howard who confirmed that there will be no large vehicles that will help you explore the game world.

As we said, the presence of the mechs was initially confirmed with the anime series but, during the Q&A held a little while ago, lead writer Emil Pagliarulo shared new details and information about their history and placing them in the Starfield timeline.

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“The mechs are leftovers from the Colony War. Both sides, United Colonies and Freestar Collective, had mechs. But the Freestar Collective really mastered them. The United Colonies had mechs, too, but they also relied on the controlled alien beasts from their Xenowarfare division.”

Apparently, these big vehicles were banned during the armistice that ended the Colony War, so they won't appear in the game as vehicles that can be used for your expeditions. Despite this, the Starfield lead writer has given a small hint that, in the course of our adventure, we will have the opportunity to come across an old battlefield for mechs. In this way, not only will we be able to find important resources for us and our ship, but we will also be able to find out a few more details about these iron giants that have fallen into disuse.

The fact that it won't be possible to use mechs in Starfield is certainly something that made a part of the community turn up their noses that so much wanted the presence of this feature in the game, however, Starfield already presents itself as a large game and with tons of things to do. We remind you, in fact, that you will have the opportunity to build your ship by customizing it as you see fit, as well as you can buy houses and build outposts. In short, the world of Starfield is certainly not bare, so the lack of mechs will certainly be balanced with something else.

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Starfield Mechs: Can You Use Them?
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