Starfield Digipicks: How to Get Them And How They Work

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Starfield Digipicks: How to Get Them And How They Work

If you want to find out everything about Starfield digipicks and how lockpicking in general works in the game, you're in the right place. Lockpicking works differently to other Bethesda games so don't worry if you aren't familiar with this mechanic right away, it's normal. However, for this very reason we decided to create this guide in which we show you everything you need to know about Starfield lockpicking and what to do to find the dipicks.

How to get Starfield digipicks

In Starfield the digipicks are nothing more than the classic lockpicks that you find in any other game of the genre. Fortunately, finding these objects is not a very difficult thing, as you can find them scattered almost everywhere. However, in case you can't find them, head to a general store in the big cities; you can buy them there for a quite reasonable price.

If you don't plan on spending credits, digipicks can also be found in the open world of Starfield. When you are exploring enemy bases or outposts, search every place thoroughly and above all pay attention to the tables you will find in the various workshops or safes, since these are the most likely places where you can find them.

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How to pick a lock

In order to pick a lock in Starfield, you have to keep in mind that there are various levels: Novice, Advanced, Expert, and Master. Below we explain how to do it in case you have difficulties.


In order to pick a novice lock, you don't need any kind of skill points in Lockpicking, but it is still advisable to have some as it will help you to have more auto-attempts. But now we come to the point of the matter and therefore how to successfully pick a novice lock.

In this lock type, you will see the lock positioned in the center of your screen, four digipick patterns, and the number of digipicks you can still use. Keep in mind that each of the four patterns counts as one digipick, but if you fail to complete the process successfully, you will have to undo your progress, which will cost you a digipick. Either way, the goal is to fill in the blanks so that the lock can be unlocked.

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Locks are made up of several rings: the more difficult they are to break into, the more rings there will be. First of all, the first thing to do, obviously, is to solve the outer ring of the lock, in order to then be able to continue gradually with the inner ones. You'll have to cycle through the ring and try different solutions to see which one is the correct one that allows you to fill in the empty spaces. The important thing is that you must not lock any of the positions unless you are really sure it is the right one because if you are wrong you will have to undo the whole process and this will cost you a digipick.

Keep in mind that none of the slots in the lock can be left out and therefore if the lock has three pins, they must all have their corresponding slot. The trick is to see which of the models aligns with both the internal and external lock and only at that point choose the suitable one and continue with the positioning and removal of the padlock.

The innermost lock is usually very easy to crack, so it won't cause you much trouble. Rotate the available patterns until you find the right one and, if you don't, it means that you have used the wrong one for the external lock. At this point, either you decide to cancel the show move (it will cost you a digipick per move) or you can exit the puzzle directly (you will lose only one digipick but the patterns will be different when you resume solving it).

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As for the advanced locks, they will be more complex to solve and include more variations, some of which will be completely useless. Furthermore, there are even more chances that one of the patterns could be used for both the internal and external locks, so our advice is to solve both locks before confirming your answers, unless you want to spend digipicks unnecessarily.

The first thing to do is start with the resolution of the external lock, but always keeping in mind not to confirm any selection, even if you are sure you have resolved it because there may be another solution that you have not seen yet which could be the correct one . In fact, it often happens that the solution you used to solve the external lock is actually of vital importance to solve the internal one. The trick here is to experiment with various combinations until you find one that is right for your exterior.

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Expert and Master

For these two difficulty levels, the first thing to do is to spend some skill points in the Security skill tree, otherwise it is practically impossible to solve these locks. This will allow you to have some not indifferent bonuses when you try to solve the puzzle, such as the possibility of unlocking an ability that allows you to understand if your digipick is suitable or not for the selected ring.

This ability is therefore very useful to determine if a pattern is completely useless or can be used for the innermost lock. At this point, you'll certainly have an easier time solving the puzzle and therefore you'll be one step closer to using your Starfield digipicks successfully.

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Starfield Digipicks: How to Get Them And How They Work
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