Starfield Constellation Timeline Explained

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Starfield Constellation Timeline Explained

Starfield is one of the most anticipated games of the year. Bethesda wanted to go big with this title, as demonstrated by the various trailers and showcases that have been published, not only on a technical level but also on a narrative level. For this reason, the developers wanted to share the Starfield Constellation timeline with players in which the salient moments that led to the creation of what we will then see happen in the game are explained. If you are not afraid of a few small spoilers about what happened, we advise you to read this article to get a better understanding of what the Starfield narrative is.

From colonization to the alien artifact

The first landing of humans on Mars dates back to 2050. After dozens of years, humans manage to settle on the Red Planet, and by 2100 humans have also colonized space. To be exact, in 2156, humans arrive on the planet Alpha Centauri, which is a whopping 4.37 light-years away from Earth. It is an unprecedented event and given the rapid expansion of human beings in space, they decide to create the United Colonies in 2159. Precisely, in 2160, the city of New Atlantis is founded, which becomes the capital of the United Colonies in 2161.

Let's take a few leaps forward over the years and we find ourselves in 2167, the year in which Solomon Coe founded his first settlement which took the name of Akila City. More than twenty years after founding his first settlement, Coe invites Volii to join Cheyenne in forming a new alliance: The Freestar Collective. This alliance was officially formed the following year, in 2189.

In the meantime, the research of the United Colonies continued, until 2194, year in which they placed the star station Clinic in orbit, near the planet Deepala, in the Narion system. The inhabitants of the system perceive this move as a kind of threat from the United Colonies to expand their borders and therefore demand this star station to be removed. As expected, the United Colonies reject this proposal and therefore the inhabitants of the Narion system decide to ally themselves with the Freestar Collective who promise to protect the system in 2195. The following year, in response to this affiliation, the United Colonies send their own fleet in the Narion system. This is the straw that breaks the camel's back and the Narion War begins.

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Twenty years later, the Narion War is still going on, which sours public opinion. Fortunately, the Treaty of Narion was signed by both powers in 2216, ending the conflict. As you can imagine, after twenty years of conflict, both powers have come out battered, which has meant that there have been changes in the hierarchies of the two coalitions. In this case, in 2221, the Freestar Collective founded an elite protective and investigative force, the Freestare Rangers, with the aim of protecting the citizens of the collective.


Leapfrogging nearly 50 years to 2275, the year Sebastian Banks founded Constellation. Original team members include Chloe Bao (physicist), Aja Mamasa (Sebastian's youngest and longest-serving member), Darius Andris (botanist and xeno-flora specialist), Bernadette Laurent (heir and adventuress), Everado Gil (former smuggler) and Kadri Toma (biologist and physicist). The Lodge is established in New Atlantis and is intended to serve the needs of the people of Constellation for generations to come.

Fast forward another twenty years and we find ourselves in 2305, the year in which Berrett joins Constellation. Two years later, in 2307, the Freestar Collective begins expeditions to the planet of Vesta, in the Lunara system. The following year, the United Colonies claim that the Freestar Collective has violated the terms of the Treaty of Narion by establishing a colony in the fourth star system. Unfortunately, diplomatic actions are useless and the United Colonies invade Vesta killing all those tasked with defending the planet. At this point, the Colony War, a second war between the two coalitions, begins.

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Meanwhile, in 2310, Constellation comes into possession of the first artifact and keeps it in its archives. An event that will prove to be of the utmost importance. In 2311 the war between the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective effectively comes to an end, after a few years of conflict, with the Battle of Cheyenne seeing the Freestar Collective get the better of the enemy fleets thanks to hit-and-run tactics attack. After this second conflict, there are again tumults between the coalition hierarchies and it is for this reason that in 2315 the United Colonies founded the United Colonies Vanguard, as a response to the use of civilian ships used by the Freestar Collective during the war. This corp represents the civilian marine military corp, where its soldiers are civilians sworn to protect the United Colonies.

In 2319, Sarah Morgan was put in charge of the Navigator Corps division, although the position did not last long as the United Colonies decided to suppress this division the following year, in 2320. In 2321, however, Walter Stroud, co-owner of the Stroud-Ecklund, an early spacecraft manufacturing company, joins Constellation and becomes its primary financier. In the following years, several characters join Constellation including Vladimir Sall, Matteo Khatri, Noel, Sam and Cora Coe, and Andreja, while Sarah Morgan becomes acting Chair of Constellation in 2325.

Meanwhile, in 2326, Berrett discovers the artifact in the Constellation archives, knowing that it is something very special. Two years after this great discovery, Berrett himself convinces Constellation to buy the Starstation L-868 to modify it to become a space scanner called “The Eye”. At this point, two years later, in 2330, the story of Starfield begins.