Spider-Man 2 DLC to Feature Non-X-Men Marvel Superheroes?

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Spider-Man 2 DLC to Feature Non-X-Men Marvel Superheroes?

Speculation is rife that Marvel's Spider-Man 2 DLC might expand the Insomniac universe by introducing Marvel superheroes outside of the X-Men roster

Bryan Intihar, the genius behind Spider-Man 2, let the cat out of the bag when he spilled the beans that Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Miles Morales are all hanging out in the same superhero sandbox. Intihar’s comment lends credence to fan speculations that started ever since the Wolverine game was announced two years ago. Gamers, therefore, will not be surprised to see the claw-popping mutant crashing the party in a future Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 DLC.

It's highly probable that Spider-Man's Marvel-ous adventures in the Insomniac universe will lead to encounters with even more Marvel superheroes. A newly discovered Easter Egg in the game now hints at the potential appearance of two prominent Marvel heroes who aren't part of the X-Men roster.

Which Marvel Superheroes Might Come to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 DLC?

Just like Insomniac's earlier Spidey games, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is packed with hidden clues all around New York City. Players have been channeling their inner detectives and uncovering these secrets for the past few weeks. There’s one Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Easter Egg in particular, however, that's ignited a fire of excitement among fans, and it was none other than Caboose, one of the top Spider-Man 2 content creators on YouTube, who brought it to light.

This sneaky Easter egg might just be a clue about what's coming in the upcoming DLC. It's like a trail of breadcrumbs that leads to something big. And what's the buzz? Well, it reveals the hideout of a criminal organization that is often tied to Daredevil, Marvel’s very own lawyer-slash-superhero.

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The Hand, a villainous organization made of a bunch of wicked ninjas, has been one of the biggest adversaries of Daredevil. They've shown up in Marvel TV shows like Daredevil, Iron Fist, and The Defenders. The Hand members dabble in the dark arts, and their mystical practices are subtly suggested in the secret room uncovered in Spider-Man 2.

At the moment, players are locked out, and the entrance is off-limits. You can still satisfy your curiosity, however, by using the camera to take a sneak peek from the outside. What might catch your eye is a bright red flag that sits outside the place, sporting a peculiar symbol right above the garage door.

Spider-Man 2 DLC to Feature Non-X-Men Marvel Superheroes?

Photo Credit: Caboose

You can also take a peek through the windows and get a load of what's going on inside. You will see some cool weapons like guns, swords, and shields. On top of that, there are more symbols and even a bunch of skulls.

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Photo Credit: IGN

Hop on over to the other side of the building, and there it is – the bookshop's front door, wide open for you! Once you're in, feast your eyes on the hidden room lurking behind a bookshelf. And as a bonus, you'll find some cool metallic goat/ram skulls on the wall and an artsy painting that's giving off a Doctor Strange-style vibe.

Some super-smart fans think this all connects to Insomniac's version of The Hand, those sneaky ninja types. They're putting two and two together, linking the secret room with Intihar's teasing. Could this mean we're in for some Daredevil DLC action?

Can Dr.Strange drop by as well? The Sorcerer Supreme got a shout-out in Spider-Man 2, thanks to his buddy Wong appearing in another Easter egg. So who knows, we might be in for some mystical surprises too!

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The Hand Could Also Hint at a Wolverine Appearance

Hold onto your webshooters, folks, because The Hand's got quite the history in the comics, and guess who else they tangled with? Yep, our favorite clawed mutant, Wolverine! In the comics, Wolvie got brainwashed and became one of their deadly assassins during an arc called “Enemy of the State.”

Now, let's spin that web of speculation a bit further. What if neither Spidey nor Daredevil ends up duking it out with these bad ninjas? It's like a plot twist waiting to happen. And where might The Hand pop up instead? Well, how about in Marvel's Wolverine, the mysterious M-Rated game that's kept us in the dark about its story and location? All we've seen so far is Logan enjoying a drink after a nasty bar fight.

What If It’s Not The Hand At All?

As of now, we've got no official word that the secret room in Spider-Man 2 is a certified nod to The Hand. With Insomniac's superhero universe expanding, it’s possible that room might be linked to a completely different gang, like the enigmatic Illuminati! The Illuminati is a super secret multidimensional group of superheroes, but as of now, we don’t have enough evidence to strongly link them to the secret room.

Spider-Man 2 DLC to Feature Non-X-Men Marvel Superheroes?
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