South Park Snow Day Powers Tier List

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South Park Snow Day Powers Tier List

Ranking the strongest South Park Snow Day powers, judging their usefulness and damage potential while including their strongest upgrades.

Ever wanted to experience being a walking Tesla coil that dropped explosive Molotovs everywhere you went? How does pulling enemies into an acid bubble shield sound? Well now you can do all of those morally ambiguous things with South Park Snow Day Powers!

The game features a variety of powers you can use to beat up those gradeschoolers even faster. That said, only certain powers are worth including in your build. So be the best “New Kid” you can be with the strongest South Park Snow Day powers in the game!

South Park Snow Day Powers Tier List

South Park Snow Day Powers Tier List – S tier

  • Healing Totem

At the top of our tier list is the Healing Totem, Snow Day's AOE healing ability that is lifesaving on its own, and pretty overpowered once you get its best upgrades.

At its best, Totem makes nearby enemies vulnerable, have increased AOE and and even revive your teammates. At its worst, it keeps you alive, which makes for a true S-tier upgrade.

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South Park Snow Day Powers Tier List – A tier

  • Bubble Shield
  • Snow Turret

Bubble Shield is an extremely versatile power in Snow Day. Aside from blocking all ranged attacks, you can also heal allies and hurt enemies that get too close. But its short uptime almost requires you to have a special upgrade, so we're placing Bubble in the A tier.

Another great pick is Snow Turret. This sentry shoots snowballs which damage and slow enemies. Some really nice upgrades makes this more of a force to be reckoned with, but it falls short of the best tier due to its middling HP.

south park snow day powers

South Park Snow Day Powers Tier List – B tier

  • Bull Rush
  • Cheesing
  • Drone Bomb
  • Gravity Bomb

These powers are good on their own, but they only reach their potential with the best weapons in the game.

Using Bull Rush puts you in very bad positions, despite being very good against single targets. At the same time, Drone Bomb and Gravity Bomb can't work alone, so you'll need to bring Two-Handed Axe or Dagger if you aren't counting on any explosion/healing upgrades.

South Park Snow Day Powers Tier List – C tier

  • Fart Escape

The most divisive one of the bunch, Fart Escape is staying on our lowest tier because — compared to other Powers — it is the least versatile one and offers no strategic advantage other than avoiding slow and thorn effects.

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On the other hand, this power gives you a big leg up against bosses. Kyle, Stan, Kenny and the final boss all have annoying abilities that make it virtually lethal to stay on the ground. So plan your builds wisely, and see if Fart Escape's airtime is worth the risk.

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