South Park Snow Day Dark Ritual Upgrades, Ranked

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South Park Snow Day Dark Ritual Upgrades, Ranked

Ranking all Dark Ritual upgrades that Henrietta offers you in every South Park Snow Day quest.

Sotuh Park Snow Day takes obvious inspiration from the best roguelikes in the genre. And one of the main aspects that make a good dungeon crawler are powerful upgrades.

Jimmy rewards you with an additional upgrade card every time you finish a level. These are impactful buffs that can modify your current build to make it even stronger. At the same time, you can also find Henrietta — an NPC that spawns in random locations — to get even more powerful upgrades.. for a price.

South Park Snow Day Dark Ritual Cards

South Park Snow Day Dark Ritual Cards Tier List

We're looking at every eldritch card up Henrietta's sleeve and ranking them based on their overall value. Keep in mind that F-tier cards can still be great picks as long as you have fun with them.

South Park Snow Day Dark Ritual Upgrades – S Tier

  • The Hanged Man
  • Non-Conformist 

The best Dark Ritual cards in the game right now provide big upgrades for your entire arsenal.

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Non-Conformist raises the level of all your cards by one without having to sacrifice anything. This gives you a lot of versatility and power without any of the usual drawbacks. But as good as it is, Non-Conformist is second only to its better version: The Hanged Man.

As it stands, The Hanged Man Dark Ritual upgrade is the best card in the whole game. Sacrificing just one of your cards to max out the rest is a great deal, especially when you luck out on the RNG.

South Park Snow Day Dark Ritual Upgrades – A Tier

  • Bottomless

Standing alone on the A-Tier is “Bottomless”, a Dark Ritual upgrade that replenishes your expended Bullsh*t uses.

This upgrade is fantastic for obvious reasons, but it just falls short of the best cards in the game. Its value hinges on the player having no more uses of their Bullsh*t ability. That said, Bottomless is the only Dark Ritual card that can.

South Park Snow Day Dark Ritual Upgrades – B Tier

  • Wheel of Posers
  • King of Tentacles
  • Prince of Ravens

These Dark Ritual upgrades are highly situational, but still bring a lot of value if you play your cards right.

Wheel of Posers increase the damage output of certain melee abilities by 35%. On top of that, King of Tentacles gives you a TP boost if you're looking to bump the rarity of your cards. Lastly, small buffs from Prince of Ravens are useful when you can't find anything better.

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South Park Snow Day Dark Ritual Upgrades – F Tier

  • The Devil

The appeal of South Park Snow Day's perk system fades eventually, making the Devil upgrade one of the worst Dark Ritual cards to get in the game.

That said, this card is easily one of the upgrades to get when you're just starting out. 20 Dark Matter is one Perk unlock, and you're going to need the inital power-ups for survivability.

All in all, South Park Snow Day Dark Ritual Upgrades provide a good amount of variation to the game's otherwise repetitive design. Equip the best ones, and you'll solve the mystery of the mysterious snowstorm in no time.

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