Sons of the Forest Clean Water: How to Get it

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Sons of the Forest Clean Water: How to Get it

Water is a fundamental resource for survival in Sons of the Forest, but you certainly can't drink water that isn't clean. For this reason, one of the first things you need to learn is how to get clean water, so that you can drink it and not die of thirst. In this article, therefore, we will explain how to do it, so that you already know everything you have to do.

How to Get Sons of the Forest Clean Water

Since this system of clean water and dirty water has been introduced in Sons of the Forest, you have to take into consideration what kind of water you will be drinking. In fact, if you decide to quench your thirst with dirty water, know that this will only make it worse. Accordingly, here are two methods to make dirty water clean water in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest Clean Water

Use a Water Collector

The first method involves getting a Water Collector. To make a Water Collector in Sons of the Forest, start by finding and defeating a big turtle. Use your knife to take off its shell. Remember, you need a big turtle, not a small one, as their shells can't hold enough water. You can look for big-shelled turtles on the western beach. The next thing to do is to gather 12 sticks. Then, open the Guide Book. Go to the Utility section and find the Rain Catcher recipe. Click on it, and build the structure. Now, just wait for rain so the Rain Catcher can fill up with clean water.

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Use a Flask and Boil the Water

To get clean water in Sons of the Forest, you can also boil it with a Cooking Pot. You will find one at the Abandoned Camp by the lake on the island's western side. Then, make a Flask using 100 ml of Printer Resin on a 3D Printer. Use the flask to collect water from any nearby lake.

Once you have a Cooking Pot and water in a Flask, the next step is to make a campfire or fire pit. Use the lighter from the Emergency Pack to light it. Open your inventory, click on the gear icon, and choose the Clean Water option from the cook menu. If you do everything right, your character will put the water in the Cooking Pot. Wait for it to boil, and then you will have clean water to stay hydrated and survive on the island.

Sons of the Forest Clean Water: How to Get it
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