Sons of the Forest Best Base Locations

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Sons of the Forest Best Base Locations

Sons of the Forest is a survival game and as such, it is of fundamental importance to choose the right place in which to place your base. For this reason, in this article, we will tell you some Sons of the Forest best base locations that you should consider to put down your roots. If you are new to this type of game, it is important to take several things into consideration, as it is not recommended to build a base anywhere.

Sons of the Forest Best Base Locations

There are different locations where you can opt to build your base in Sons of the Forest. Which of these to choose depends on several factors, namely your level and your way of playing. Let's see, together, some places where you can decide to build your base.

Near Water

If you want to make a home on the water, here's how! When Winter comes, go to a big water area and you'll see it's frozen. Then you can drag logs onto the ice and start building your base. You have to build it from scratch because you can't use pre-made bases on ice.

When Winter ends and the lake melts, your base will automatically get supports under it to float on the water. This is a great spot for a base in Sons of the Forest because enemies can't attack it when it's not Winter. However, Kelvin can't bring things to your water base when it's not Winter. So, it's a good idea to build a bridge for him to use all year round.

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Near the Beach

The beach up north is a possible crash spot in Sons of the Forest, and it's also one of the best places to put your base. Though moving logs to build there might be annoying, the beach has lots of good things that make it a great spot. The beach in that area is mostly flat, with a creek in the middle. This makes it easy to build stuff there, and since there's water nearby, you won't get thirsty.

It's also really open, with no big trees hanging over your base. That means cannibals can't hide in trees and surprise you when you come out of your base, making it safer. And because it's flat, you can see cannibals coming, so you will know if they're attacking before they get there. To make the whole process simpler, you can use a zipline from the nearby forest to send logs over to the beach faster.

sons of the forest best base location

Near the Golf Course

The North-East part of the map has a big golf course where you can build your base. There's plenty of flat land, so you won't have trouble finding a spot to set up. Plus, there are lots of trees and sticks around, so you will have plenty of materials to build with.

The best spot is by the pond near the dig site that leads to Maintenance C. It's a great location because you have water nearby, which is super handy. Being here is nice because you can easily see what's going on around you. You can keep an eye out for anything strange or dangerous while you're building or just hanging out in your base.

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Song of the Forest Base Building Tips

There are some things to take into consideration that absolutely cannot be missed near the place where you decide to build your base in Sons of the Forest. For example, a fishing location, a 3D printer, and many other resources cannot be missed.

Fishing is super important in Sons of the Forest, especially for getting ready for winter and stocking up on food. It's the fastest way to get a bunch of food. Once you catch them, you can put them on a Drying Rack to make them last longer. It's smart to keep the Drying Rack near your fishing spot so you can easily grab fish whenever you need them.

Having a 3D Printer is also really handy. It lets you make a water flask, which is super useful. Plus, you can craft Grappling Hooks and a Sled with it. Grappling Hooks are important for making ziplines, which help you move around the island faster. Make sure you're surrounded by lots of trees so you have plenty of logs for building stuff. This also makes it a good spot to set up small animal traps, so you can get meat to cure along with your fish.

Sons of the Forest Best Base Locations
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