SoD Phase 3 Dungeon Leveling Guide

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SoD Phase 3 Dungeon Leveling Guide

Dungeon leveling is a popular way to level in SoD for many reasons. The new 50% XP buff, makes Phase 3 Dungeon Leveling an even more lucrative strategy.

Once players hit the late teens (slightly earlier for Horde) dungeon grinding becomes a solid way to level quickly. This is especially so for those who play Healer or Tank roles. For SoD Phase 3, two new dungeons open up to players, with ZF, the latter of the two new dungeons being a farming paradise.

SM Cathedral – 40 to 42

Sadly, before we get to the fun new content, SM Cath is probably our best starting spot. With a full group of people 40+, especially if they've raided in Phase 2 you'll make light work of SM Cath. For Cath, it's best to clear the entire dungeon as the mob density makes it easy to pull large groups.


  1. When you pull Mograine, any mobs inside the main building will pull once you engage him. You can use this to your advantage if your group can handle it
  2. Unless someone needs loot from Fairbanks, he is best skipped as he will slow down your run
  3. Once Whitemane is in the room and the sleep has ended, tank the two bosses on top of each other, cleaving both but focusing on Whitemane

Uldaman – 42 to 44/45

Next up is Uldaman, and we're onto “new” content for Phase 3. The early bosses of Uldaman actually had updates in Phase 2, but he majority of players probably never noticed. Uldaman is a fairly simple dungeon at first, though the second half has many winding paths.



  1. Archaedas, the last boss of the dungeon is level 47. He is best avoided until you reach 44 and beyond
  2. Bring some AOE to handle large mob packs in the second half of the dungeon
  3. Ancient Stone Keeper's boss room can easily go wrong and cause a boss pull. Make sure to clear the room carefully before you engage the boss as you'll need a lot of space

Uldaman quests

Non-chain quests

  •  Solution to Doom – level 30
  •  Power Stones – level 30
  •  Reclaimed Treasures – level 33

Part of a chain

  •  Agmond's Fate – level 30 – Starts at Ironband Wants You! (Alliance)
  •  Amulet of Secrets – level 35 – Starts at A Sign of Hope (Alliance)
  •  The Hidden Chamber (level 35) Starts at The Lost Dwarves (Alliance)
  •  The Lost Tablets of Will – level 35  Requires  An Ambassador of Evil (Alliance) to be completed
  •  Restoring the Necklace – level 37 Starts at The Shattered Necklace (Alliance)
  •  Uldaman Reagent Run (level 38) Requires  Badlands Reagent Run (Alliance) to be completed
  • Uldaman Reagent Run (level 36) Requires  Badlands Reagent Run (Horde) to be completed
  •  Necklace Recovery, Take 3 – level 37 Starts at Necklace Recovery (Horde)
  •  Power in Uldaman level 35 Starts at Return to the Marsh (Mage)
  • The Platinum Disc – level 40 awarded after the last boss


Zul'Farrak -44 to 50

With a strong group, 44 should be fairly easy for people looking to head into ZF. ZF is a large dungeon, and we recommend killing it fully. Follow the standard boss path, then as you leave take the longer route out to kill extra mobs.

ZF is also a fairly non-linear dungeon, so only kill bosses that your group needs for loot or quests to maximize XP in your runs.


  1. Sandfury Shadwowhunter is a deadly trash mob that will Hex a target and drop aggro. If this is used on the tank, be quick to remove the Hex or handle the mobs
  2. AOE is huge in ZF, especially Mage AOE due to their ability to control mobs
  3. On the Stairs Event, focus Nekrum Gutchewer as he is easier to kill
  4. When tanking Gahz'rilla, make sure to keep him in the water to avoid taking huge damage
  5. Alternatively, tank him under the arch where you first entered the room

Zyl'Farrak Quests

Non-Chain quests – Horde and Alliance can get these quests

  •  Troll Temper – level 40
  • Scarab Shells – level 40
  •  Tiara of the Deep – level 40
  • Divino-matic Rod – level 40
  • Gahz'rilla – level 40

Part of a chain

  •  The Prophecy of Mosh'aru – level 40 Starts at The Prophecy of Mosh'aru (Alliance)
  • Nekrum's Medallion – level 40 Starts atWitherbark Cages (Alliance) 
  •  The Spider God – level 40 Starts at Venom Bottles (Horde)

Why not Maraudon?

Mara is another dungeon in the 45-50 bracket, however, it has a number of major issues. Firstly, it's in Desolace, which most players have either not been to or are very far away from. This is especially so for Alliance, that said, SoD has sent more players to Desolace than usual.

Mara is also very slow, and not time-effective when it comes to farming, especially if we assume your aim is speed.


SoD Phase 3 Dungeon Leveling Guide
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