Snoop Dogg Joins FaZe Clan’s Board of Directors

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Snoop Dogg Joins FaZe Clan’s Board of Directors

Snoop Dogg joins esports organization FaZe Clan.

California-based esports organization FaZe Clan has officially welcomed rap legend, Snoop Dogg, to its board of directors. Both parties confirmed the news today via social media. While it's not clear what Snoop Dogg's role will entail, we can expect him to be involved in decisions at the highest level. Considering FaZe Clan's preparations to become a publicly-traded company, a board of directors is essential to keep the organization running while meeting its goals.

Close watchers of the recent Super Bowl halftime show might have spotted Snoop Dogg wearing a FaZe Clan chain. According to an official statement from FaZe Clan, “Snoop Dogg will co-create content, participate in key business initiatives, and launch merchandise with the brand while appearing across FaZe Clan's platform.” The icon's presence on FaZe Clan goes far past a simple board of directors role. 

FaZe Welcomes Snoop Dogg

A gamer himself–Snoop Dogg is no stranger to the environment. The 50-year-old is a partnered Twitch streamer who often plays sports games such as Madden and NBA 2K. He's also appeared in video games such as Def Jam, Call of Duty, Madden, NHL and more in the past few decades. 

FaZe Clan and Snoop Dogg released the news via their Twitter accounts earlier today. The announcement video features Snoop Dogg as a cartoon dog sporting FaZe Clan colors and logos. FaZe included clips from the rap artist's Twitch stream and various video game appearances. 

The organization's Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Kai Henry, commented on the addition of Snoop Dogg to FaZe Clan via a press statement

“The organic relationship between FaZe and Snoop has been building for years now, so we are thrilled to officially welcome FaZe Snoop to the family. As the original internet kid and first-generation gamer, Snoop has always understood the cultural connection between music, lifestyle and gaming,” he said. “Today, Snoop is a prominent voice in the emerging Web3 community and we have exciting plans to create together in the metaverse, driving new engagement opportunities for both of our fanbases.”

The release included a comment from Snoop Dogg himself:

“It only makes sense to partner with FaZe Clan as both a team member and on the Board of Directors. The youth identifies with their brand and that's something my son Cordell knew, which is why he brought us together.”

FaZe Clan Blurs the Line Between Gaming and Pop Culture

Snoop Dogg is not the first notable name that FaZe Clan has managed to work alongside. Several celebrities, athletes and musicians have involved themselves with the organization at various periods since its inception. That lengthy list includes NFL quarterback Kyler Murray, LeBron James Jr., and Lil Yachty. Outside of gaming, FaZe Clan is an established streetwear and apparel brand. 

It will be interesting to see how FaZe Clan utilizes Snoop Dogg as a member of the board of directors. We'll have to see what the two parties have in store this year and beyond.

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