Skull and Bones Season 1 Overview

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Skull and Bones Season 1 Overview

The Skull and Bones Season 1 overview is here and will allow you to understand everything that is currently present in the game.

In Season 1, you will have the opportunity to face new enemies, such as Plague Lord Philippe La Peste, Elite Warships, and more. You will be able to explore new seas and lands so that you can always loot new resources that you can use for your creations and to give life to your perfect ship.

Skull and Bones Season 1 Content

In Season 1 of Skull and Bones, you will have the opportunity to face a new pirate lord and you will be able to take part in new world and time-limited events to obtain rewards.

A New Pirate Lord

When you go into the dangerous seas of Skull and Bones, watch out for Philippe La Peste, the scary pirate leader of the Caribbean. He's looking for power, wealth, and a way to heal his worsening illnesses. Now, he's targeting the Indian Ocean.

World Events

Enjoy many World Events for free this season. There are Elite Warships and Merchant Convoys from the Dutch Merchant Company, Compagnie Royale, and the Clan of Fara. Watch out for Phillipe La Peste, too. Challenge them to big naval battles and show your control over the Indian Ocean.

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Time-Limited Events

In the midst of all the trouble, you'll meet a spooky ghost ship and a scary sea monster hiding in the deep sea, ready to surprise pirates. But that's not all! There are also hidden treasures waiting to be discovered, secret maps to follow, and legendary battles to conquer. Don't miss out on these exciting adventures—all for free while they last.

Skull and Bones Season 1

Skull and Bones Smuggler Pass

Anyone who owns the Skull and Bones Smuggler Pass will also have access to other content. Take part in weekly challenges to earn rewards and progress on three different paths: The Shipmaster, Quartermaster, and Gunnermaster.


Climb your way up this path to earn the Wrathful Ward armor. It's special because it releases a poisonous mist that hurts your enemies and makes them lose energy when they hit you while you're ready for their attack.


Finish this path to get a free blueprint for the La Potence Schematics. These blueprints show you where to hit Philippe La Peste’s fleet and his ship harder when you're with others. It helps you do more damage and defeat them faster.


Finish this path to get the Carronade, a strong new weapon. It's perfect for smashing ship hulls and flooding your enemies' ships. With this weapon, you will be even more powerful on the seas.

Skull and Bones Season 1 Overview
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