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Rijit Banerjee
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SK Gaming Moves Treatz To Jungle, Among Other Changes For LEC Summer Split

SK Gaming's Erik "Treatz" Wessén smiles while playing an LoL game on the LEC stage.
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SK Gaming is making significant roster changes moving into the LEC 2021 Summer Split.

SK's Erik "Treatz" Wessén was one of the most exciting support players in the LEC 2021 Spring Split. He and the whole line-up looked extremely promising throughout the season. At the same time, the results weren't as "satisfactory," according to the team, but they did reach the LEC Playoffs. Though they did lose to Fnatic later.

In an exciting turn of events, SK Gaming's General Joseph El Ouassi revealed that Treatz will be role-swapping from his original position in the support role towards the jungle role for SK. He is replacing Kristian "TynX" Hansen in the current line-up. Moreover, SK's Head Coach Jesse "Jesiz" Le is taking up the role of the support in the squad. The assistant coach of the team Thomas "Tom" Diakun is going to be promoted to the team's Head Coach.

He ended by stating, "We are aware of the risk involved with these changes. However, we were not satisfied with our placement last split and we want to be playing at the highest level possible. Every person in this team is extremely ambitious and we hope that we prove it to you this split."

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Treatz's perspective on the change

As mentioned above, these are many changes for a squad that performed above average in the LEC Spring Split. However, Treatz, with his recent tweet, shed some light on the whole situation as well.

Treatz revealed that he has previous experience with jungling in League of Legends. As SK prioritized the squad's synergy, they decided against bringing in a rookie jungler to the team. Therefore, SK will be coming into the LEC Summer Split 2021 with a fairly organized roster to enhance their chances of making it to the playoffs.

The LEC Summer Split starts on June 11, 2021.

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