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David Hollingsworth
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Sim Racing: McLaren And Logitech G Announce Logitech McLaren G Challenge 2020

Two racecars speed down an open road, the words "get ready to race" appear to their left alongside the Logitech and Mclaren logos
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McLaren and Logitech G hop back into the cockpit for a 3rd annual Logitech McLaren G Challenge 2020.

Simracing has flourished in our current lockdown world. With events in Formula 1, iRacing and now for this event Project Cars 2, Simracing seems to have filled in for the lack of motor racing. “Over the last few months, we’ve seen an explosion in eracing. It's clear that the line between virtual and real racing has been blurred”. Said  Jim Hoey, Head of G Challenge at Logitech G.

The prize for the 2020 event is also a bit special for racing fans — a four-day all-expenses-paid trip to London. There, they’ll get a behind-the-scenes experience at McLaren — including a tour of the McLaren Technology Centre, coaching from Lando Norris, plus a drive in a McLaren supercar. And they're also throwing in the VIP experience at the F1 British Grand Prix 2021.

So, not a bad prize for a petrol head.

The Logitech McLaren G Challenge will be divided into four divisions — North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Participants will participate in an online qualifier and/or wildcard events through the summer of 2020. The winners of those events then move onto the Regional Finals. Finally, the top three racers from each region moving onto the worldwide Grand Finals.

Lockdown racing

“...G Challenge will continue providing McLaren and Logitech G with a powerful way to connect with our fans and enable more gamers from around the world to share their passion for racing and test their driving skills,” added Mark Waller, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing at McLaren Racing; and he’s right, especially with lockdown affecting motorsport globally, online racing events such as this give fans something to do.

The event gets underway on June 1 and will be played on Project Cars 2 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. People looking to get involved in regional events or wildcard events can register here.

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