Sgt. Frank Woods Could Be Coming to Modern Warfare in a Black Ops Crossover

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Sgt. Frank Woods Could Be Coming to Modern Warfare in a Black Ops Crossover

Black Ops fan favorite Sgt. Frank Woods looks to be dropping into Verdansk with Captain Price in a Black Ops X Modern Warfare crossover

In the recent Season 4: Reloaded update to Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone, plenty of new files were added to the game. This included new audio files, which indicate the new Call of Duty: Black Ops or Black Ops: Cold War game will be introduced within the Modern Warfare and Warzone universe.

Sgt. Frank Woods

Woods is a staple of the Black Ops series, and many fans will be happy for him to arrive in Modern Warfare. Many audio clips have been added to Modern Warfare in this recent update, which all have the prefix “MPB_WOOD” or “MPP_WOOD”. Along with this, there are many quips for “player_execution”, “player_revived” and many more.

This indicates that Frank Woods will arrive in Modern Warfare and Warzone, similarly to how Captain Price did in Blackout; as a pre-order bonus for Modern Warfare. Could we see the same pre-order bonus here? Possibly, but all datamined files point to a COD 2020 reveal within Warzone. So we could see him sooner than you think.

The numbers

The iconic Black Ops numbers sequence featuring Mason has appeared in the files for Modern Warfare. What makes this even more obvious is that these files are prefixed with “zeus_reveal” “zeus” is known to be the codename for COD 2020. “Ascension 7 15 1 2 19 7 25 6 13 6 7 15 14 0” can be heard during this audio file, and that is the exact same number as the ones that appear in the Mason sequence in Black Ops. Following this, what seems like random phrases can be heard. However some of these are objectives to escaping Vorkuta; a Russian labor camp featured in the second campaign mission of Black Ops. This further indicates that COD 2020 may be a Black Ops reboot just like Modern Warfare was. With the potential for flashbacks to previous Black Ops missions.

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