Call Of Duty 2020 Image Leaked Via “The Red Door”

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Call Of Duty 2020 Image Leaked Via “The Red Door”

After many rumors of “Black Ops Cold War”, it seems COD 2020 may reuse the “Black Ops” name after all.

Yesterday a Playstation database website revealed what looks to be the internal alpha test for Call of Duty 2020. The PKG file’s content id includes “COD2020INTALPHA1” which shows that this is a COD 2020 file. Along with this, the file is over 70GB, according to insiders, this is too big for an indie game and larger than a small startup. Which further hints at this being a COD2020 alpha test game.

A set of patch notes detailing a Delta Patch for a Call of Duty game

Dubbed “The Red Door,” the alpha test game references a Rolling Stones song which was used in the Black Ops 3 trailer. The song “Paint it black” was released by the Rolling Stones in 1966. This puts it right in the middle of the Cold War period further lining up with the Black Ops reboot speculation. The lyrics “I see a red door and I want it painted black” line up with the name of this alpha test.


Rumors circulated that a modded PS4 console would allow you to access “The Red Door” for download. Shortly after GarnetSunset took to Twitter and posted this image. An image is more concrete evidence than some leaked files and this looks to be legit. It states that COD 2020 will simply be called “Call of Duty: Black Ops”.  With the Playstation 5 reveal event just around the corner, we could see a reveal there.

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