Sentinels Sticking By SicK But Looking For New 6th Roster Member

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Sentinels Sticking By SicK But Looking For New 6th Roster Member

Sentinels aren't giving up on SicK, but they're still looking for new talent.

On March 4, news broke out that Sentinels backup player SicK was under arrest. Police took SicK into custody after an incident of criminal trespassing at a Ferrari car dealership in Texas. The situation escalated after an employee asked SicK to leave, and he refused to do so.

SicK remains in Collin County jail in Dallas, Texas, on a $5,000 bond. His crime is a Class B misdemeanor that can carry a fine of up to $2,000 or a jail sentence of 180 days.

Following the news of his arrest, Sentinels handed SicK a temporary suspension. Sentinels CEO, Rob Moore, has finally publicly addressed the situation in a series of tweets.

Rob confirms that the Sentinels organization fully intends to stick by SicK during this trying time but that they would be moving forward with their plan to recruit a new active sixth roster member, as is required become VCT Americas begins on April 1. Marved and yay are free agents and immediately come to mind as possible recruits. With rumors that vanity will be leaving Cloud9, he could also be a potential option.

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SicK will need to complete training after he returns to the organization. He has not played professionally since before taking a mental health break in May 2022.

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