Sega Cancels Hyenas Along With A Few Other Unannounced Projects

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Sega Cancels Hyenas Along With A Few Other Unannounced Projects

Sega’s hero shooter Hyenas gets killed; company blames low profitability in EU region

Unfortunately, the highly anticipated multiplayer extraction shooter that was in development at UK studio Creative Assembly has been canceled by Sega. This news is sure to disappoint fans who were eagerly anticipating the game's release.

Investors have been given a heads-up by Sega, who warned that they are going to record a loss for the current financial year. The company cited lower profitability in their European bases as the main reason. In response, they have implemented structural reforms to improve efficiency and review games in development. Sega even went as far as to cancel some of these titles and reduce fixed expenses, which they admit was difficult.

Sega Cancels Hyenas Along With A Few Other Unannounced Projects

Sega has taken a closer look at the profitability of their European region, and as a result, they've decided to cancel a couple of titles that were still in development. They will also be implementing a write-down of work-in-progress for these titles. This is all to address the lower profitability of the region.

Creative Assembly has yet to release a statement on the news, but the company is bracing for significant financial losses. According to their projections, they expect a shortfall of around 14.3 billion yen for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024. This is undoubtedly concerning news for the company and its stakeholders, and we'll keep an eye out for further updates.

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Recently, Hyenas wrapped up a closed beta test, and initial impressions have been overwhelmingly positive! Critics have noted the game's abundance of SEGA references, which adds a whole other level of excitement to the experience. Game developer Creative Assembly, widely recognized for their Total War series, has recently unveiled their latest title at Germany's show Gamescom. Attendees were given the exclusive opportunity to play as Hyenas in the beta version, which concluded in mid-September.

Hyenas, a multiplayer shooter game that involves robbery and extraction, was announced in June. The game was initially planned for release on PC, Mac, and current and last-gen consoles this year. It consists of five teams of three players who must compete against both AI and each other to steal pop culture memorabilia. The expansive spaceships featured in the game also include zero-gravity sections.

The title's efficient launch was questioned when Creative Assembly acknowledged the game’s development presented some challenges. “We are unable to talk about this title because the details have not yet been announced at this time,” Sega said last month. “As this is a challenging title, we are striving to improve its quality towards the release on the front line of development. We are also making final adjustments to its business model in parallel.”

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Sega Cancels Hyenas Along With A Few Other Unannounced Projects
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