Call Of Duty: Seattle Surge Flooded Out Of Their Own Home Series After Winning Only 2 Maps

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Call Of Duty: Seattle Surge Flooded Out Of Their Own Home Series After Winning Only 2 Maps

Seattle Surge took defeats to the New York Subliners and Los Angeles Guerrillas as they leave their home series 0-2

After problems all season, Seattle brought Enable back into their starting roster. Although results were poor last time he was in the squad, many fans expect an improvement in his performance. While the last series of the night, Seattle Surge vs New York Subliners, was preparing to start, we were informed that Enable wouldn't even get to play a whole series and Pandur would be coming in for the Search and Destroy games. Many fans reacted to this questioning the decision, as Seattle have SnD specialist TeddyRecks on their bench.

While it is known that Enable isn’t the greatest SnD player, Pandur was no improvement. Dropping a 0.57 K/D, he was the only player on his team to go negative. After losing 3-1 to the New York Subliners, with Enable dropping a 0.62 K/D, it didn't look good for him or Seattle. But no one expected what happened next. Enable announced it himself on Twitter, stating “I wish I could express my frustration on my situation this year but… I will not be playing today.”

It seems very harsh to drop a player after three maps. Yes, he played poorly, but they played one of the best teams in the game at the moment, although they beat them in their worst game mode. It's still an achievement.

Seattle then went on to lose 3-1 to the LA Guerrillas, the only team they've been able to beat this year, with Pandur dropping a 0.76 K/D, the lowest on his team. Seattle continues to win Domination but struggles at just about everything else. It is definitely time for something to change for them. Could we see Gunless play for the Seattle Surge? Rumors indicate he is going to OGLA, but as they pick up their second semi-final in a row, they might not need a change.

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