Season 14 First Details Revealed in Riot Dev Update Video

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Season 14 First Details Revealed in Riot Dev Update Video

Season 14 First Details are here with the new Preseason, Ranked, Arena and other game mode changes!

While there’s still a few months left of the 13th Season of League of Legends, but the developers at Riot Games are hard at work to deliver the players the next season of the game. After the splash art for the newest champion, Briar has been leaked, the developers came forward to reveal some of the biggest changes arriving at the start of the next season – not the Preseason as we all got used to it, as that part of the League of Legends cycle will be removed. But more on that later.

Season 14 First Details

Season 14 Ranked Changes

The first news the developers, Jeremy “Riot Brightmoon” Lee and Andrei “Meddler” van Roon revealed were about the Ranked system coming in the next season of League of Legends. Starting with 2024, there will be 3 Ranked splits instead of 2, with 3 Ranked skins and other rewards for each split. The developers explained that these changes should improve the experience for ranked players as it brings all aspects – esports and casual play – closer together.

This change means that Preseason will cease to exist in order to keep the hype up after the big changes at the start of a season, and it won’t die down until the start of the new ranked split, as it did in the last few years.

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Pu “Pupulasers” Liu continued on to explain that the new system will help players climb the ranks faster. He also explained that Preseason will only be a thing on the PBE, hitting the test servers in November, while Season 13 will go on until December, with 14 starting in January alongside the various leagues on the esports scene. The developers also shared a dev blog post, which goes more in depth with the changes, which you can find here.

Season 14 Preseason Contents – Mythic Items are Gone

While the developers are thinking about changes to the Summoner’s Rift map layout and the objectives, the biggest change they revealed was the removal of Mythic items. According to Pupulasets, these items were extremely hard to balance and limiting for half of the champions in the game, so next year, the Mythic level will be removed. However, items such as Goredrinker, Navori Quickblades and the Crown of the Shattered Queen will most likely stay in the game, only in a reworked fashion to bring them more in line with the other items.

Season 14 Game Modes

Arena has been a vastly popular game mode since it’s addition, but Riot Games expressed that the 2v2v2v2 mode is not here to stay permanently. However, due to the positive feedback, after it’s departure with the next Patch, Arena will return in an improved form at the end of the year. The devs are looking to add more Augments and better balance for a start, so that more people can enjoy the action-packed matches of this new mode.

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Season 14 First Details Nexus Blitz

In addition, Nexus Blitz will return to the game in October for 5 weeks to fill the gap that Arena left behind. The closest thing to a Battle Royale that League of Legends has is almost as fun as 2v2v2v2, so be sure to play it around Worlds before it disappears again!

Season 14 Improved Bots

While the changes aforementioned are incredible, Riot Games is also thinking about the sustainability of League of Legends. In order to help new players, they are improving the AI of the bots in practice matches to better prepare those starting out for the hardships of League of Legends. They will start testing the new AI on the PBE server next month, so those who have access to the beta environment can start playing against the new and improved bots very soon!

This year has already been a bit different from the previous years with the two Ranked splits and the bigger changes than the previous years. However, League of Legends will completely change after December, with returning elements in the “new” item system and some brand-new part with the new ranked changes. Be sure to tune in for ESTNN for the latest changes!

Season 14 First Details Revealed in Riot Dev Update Video
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