Sea of Thieves Safer Seas Update

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Sea of Thieves Safer Seas Update

Learn everything there is to know about the Sea of Thieves Safer Seas Update which is coming soon to Rare's pirate adventure.

The tenth season of Sea of Thieves is upon us and Rare is finally bringing the much anticipated Safer Seas update that will finally allow players to enjoy the Sea of Thieves without the pressure of PvP. There are some limitations though, so be aware of the drawbacks.

We took it upon ourselves to list all the changes so you're prepared to head out to the seas as this new PvE focused experience launches on December 7th.

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Sea of Thieves Safer Seas

Since its release players have been asking for a solo or coop version of Sea of Thieves that lets them avoid having to deal with other pirates. For years this update was seen as somewhat controversial as the permanent threat of other players was a key part of the experience.

But after over half a decade of updates, Rare admitted that the game they created has changed. Now there are story campaigns players can embark on and secrets dot almost every corner of the sea of thieves that is why this compromise was made to give players an easier introduction to the game.

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What is Safer Seas?

Safer Seas is a new mode that lets players play SoT with only the players in their partners. They can still embark on many of the voyages, clear out vaults, and earn reputations with most of the factions. Do however note that you can only obtain rewards up to a Level 40 Reputation with all factions.

No PvP naturally also means that all the Emissary Flags and reputations tied to player vs. player combat can not be obtained either. The level 40 cap also means that the Athena's Fortune voyages and treasures are also not available on the Safer Seas.

You also can't become a Pirate Legend and need to brave the newly dubbed High Seas for those higher rewards.

There is also a restriction on the gold you earn. While you can still purchase and earn most of the cosmetics, you'll only earn 30% on the gold you'd normally earn on the High Seas. This doesn't apply to Ancient Coins and Dublons.

The last restriction is to the milestones of your ship and the progression of your guild. If you're on the Safer Seas you can not earn rewards or titles for either of them, that progression is exclusive to the High Seas.

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Who are the Safer Seas for?

The Safer Seas are first and foremost for players who either don't want to PvP or go on a voyage peacefully. Do keep in mind that while the Tall Tales, the big story missions of SoT are excellent content simple voyages, the main thing you'll be doing in the game is pretty repetitive.

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There are world events, secrets, and enemies to fight but all of these are made for the sandbox in which players interact with each other.

Sea of Thieves has a lot to offer no doubt but you won't get the full experience unless you're on a server with players. So please don't go play the Safer Seas mode which is mostly intended for new players, families, and friends who just want to check the game out and complain about the simple gameplay loop.

But the Safer Seas are going to be an excellent way to onboard new players as well as practice or complete some of the many Tall Tales. Those include many original stories as well as collaborations with Monkey Island and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

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Sea of Thieves Safer Seas Update
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