“Ryan Taylor is Going to Come out with Broken Bones” – Adam Saleh Interview

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“Ryan Taylor is Going to Come out with Broken Bones” – Adam Saleh Interview

Adam Saleh spoke to ESTNN ahead of the MF & DAZN: X Series 002 card.

We spoke to Adam Saleh ahead of Saturday night's MF & DAZN: X Series 002 card. Adam is a Slim's fight camp member and has over 7 million subscribers across two YouTube channels.

You’re in Slim’s camp but I know you’ve had some fights yourself. How has your career been going?

Saleh: Yeah, I had a recent fight with Landon McBroom. It came out as a draw which is a bit controversial. I think I won, the people think I won. He was heavier than me, too, so for me it was a win, for him it was more of a defeat. His brother got knocked out by Gib, too, so the two McBroom’s took two L’s that night.

What’s the camp been like for Slim, the training schedule, sparring, etc?

Saleh: I’ve always said this since 2019. Slim is a fucking dog. You don’t understand, you guys don’t see this but we train in a private gym in Brooklyn with only pros, everyone that Slim spars there, they come out with a black eye and a bloody nose. One time I came out with a black eye but I never told anybody I didn’t want anybody to know he was that nice. Just like Temperr did, just like Fousey did, Ryan Taylor has underestimated Slim. They’ve got to put some respect on his name now.

What’s your prediction for Saturday night? How do you see this fight ending?

Saleh: I have respect for Ryan Taylor for even getting in the ring, and Slim for letting him get in the ring. Slim doesn’t need this fight, but he's a showman, he’s an entertainer and he’s gonna put on a show on Saturday. 

For my prediction, a knockout is like, ‘oh whatever you know. Slim is going to hurt him. Badly. I honestly think Ryan is going to come out with broken bones, maybe even brain damage, I’m going to feel bad, honestly. I hope he comes out alright.

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