Rumor: Team Liquid to Offer Doublelift up for Trade

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Rumor: Team Liquid to Offer Doublelift up for Trade

A report put out today has suggested that Team Liquid is looking for a trade option on the contract of Doublelift before the Summer Split.

Travis Gafford had reported the leak earlier today and it seems that Team Liquid wants to get Doublelift moved on before his contract is up at the end of 2020. With his contract up in six-months and the Spring Split not even over with yet, Team Liquid is looking to act fast to sell-off its star player.

LCS analyst MarkZ pointed out in a video with Travis that Doublelift didn’t warrant being replaced based on his Spring Split performance. While it would be safe to say Team Liquid did not have a great Spring Split, a lot of that could be attributed to the team’s terrible pre-season and early season visa issues.

With Team Liquid, reigning LCS champions failed to make playoffs for the first time in their ‘superteam’ era after ending 7-11. It was likely to end in changes, especially with the Summer Split leading into World’s qualification. Doublelift moving on was likely not what most fans expected though.

If Doublelift does indeed leave, which isn’t guaranteed with six months left on his deal, it would certainly be one spicy offseason.

Rumor: Team Liquid to Offer Doublelift up for Trade
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