Rumor: LEC Teams Vote To Remove Requirement To Field Academy Rosters

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Rumor: LEC Teams Vote To Remove Requirement To Field Academy Rosters

It looks like as of 2022 LEC sides won’t be required to field an Academy roster any longer.

According to a report by Pablo Suárez at Dot Esports, LEC teams have voted nine to one in favor of removing the requirement to field an academy roster. If the rumor is true, the change would come into effect as of January 2022. This means that this current round of Academy leagues could be the last for some in the LEC.

The rule in question requires LEC teams to field an academy side in the European Regional League (ERL), though it’s not enforced which ERL league they partake in. This change voted on at a recent owner’s meeting would see that change. Though, teams can choose to continue to field LEC academy rosters regardless.

The ERL system won’t be going away anytime soon. The ERL has a number of strong, independent organizations within and LEC sides are still expected to have sides in the system. While we might see some pull away, some level of affiliation with an ERL setup is likely to remain.

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The second change would see academy rosters limited to two per ERL league. Meaning there’s always room for independent sides and stopping the formation of an academy league. While this change is new, it was already in place in the Nordic/UK, German, Spanish, and French leagues.

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It’s unknown what LEC sides will remain in the academy system, with most having mixed success. Currently, Excel, Schalke 04, Vitality, and G2 Esports have academy sides in the EU Masters. With the vote so recently decided upon, it’s expected that we’ll get more news towards the end of the season, as LEC sides evaluate their current setups ahead of the 2022 ERL seasons.

Rumor: LEC Teams Vote To Remove Requirement To Field Academy Rosters
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