Rumor: Dignitas has Spent 1/3 of its Budget on Huni and is Struggling to Fill Roster

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Rumor: Dignitas has Spent 1/3 of its Budget on Huni and is Struggling to Fill Roster

A report from Invenglobal has surfaced that implies that Dignitas has spent one-third of its 2020 budget on re-signing top laner  Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon. With free agency well into its second week, Dignitas still only has one player on their roster. In addition, we don’t yet know if Huni will return to the top lane or if he’s heading mid.

Back in early November, ESPN reported that Huni would be earning $2.3M in guaranteed money over the course of the next two years of his contract.

Now, Invenglobal & ESPN are reporting that Dignitas simply can’t afford other players. As a result. Dignitas has hamstrung itself and is unable to afford either buyouts or wages for starting roster players.

Reports suggest Dignitas had a $3M budget, and while Huni is set to earn $2.3M of that sum, it fails to account for some of the bonuses he could receive which could see his figure rise. So while Dignitas does have funds for a roster, it certainly won’t be filling it with stars to go alongside Huni.

Dignitas did recoup some of Huni’s fee by selling support player Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme to Cloud9 for $1.9M. With the team now struggling to sign players and the free agency window already two weeks in, Dignitas is running out of quality free agents to sign. Given the team’s financial issue, they’re unlikely to be looking to buy out players from other teams' contracts.

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What won’t make for good reading for Dignitas fans is the teams rise from ninth place to Worlds qualification only to dumb all but one of the roster. Now the team faces a huge challenge to find a roster in time for 2020 season. With two former players Lira and Damonte still being free agents, it makes you wonder if the organization won’t look to bring those players back if that option is even available to them.

Regardless, is this roster able to live up to Huni’s standards? Would Huni be happy to be surrounded by rookies rather than building on 2019 Worlds and challenging for the 2020 title?

At least Dignitas was able to have some fun on Twitter, though, we’d imagine Dignitas fans are less than pleased with the current state of affairs.

Rumor: Dignitas has Spent 1/3 of its Budget on Huni and is Struggling to Fill Roster
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