RoboCop Rogue City: Everything We Know

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RoboCop Rogue City: Everything We Know

The RoboCop franchise has captivated a great many people over the years. RoboCop Rogue City, therefore, has a great weight on his shoulders, which all fans hope he will be able to support. During Gamescom 2023, new information about the game arrived, so we decided to create an article where we compiled everything we know before the game hits the market.

RoboCop Rogue City release date

RoboCop Rogue City will be launched on November 2, 2023. Initially expected for the month of September, the game receives a small delay, probably because the developers need a little more time to review the final details. This is a short postponement, so in all likelihood, the game is mostly complete, so players can rest easy.

RoboCop Rogue City platforms

The game will be available for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S users. There are no versions planned for older consoles, as they would not be able to handle the technical side of the game. For this reason, the developers have decided to focus only on the current-gen versions.

RoboCop Rogue City story

At the moment there are no precise details regarding the story that will be told in the game. We know that it harks back to the hugely popular franchise from the 80s and that the developers have confirmed that it is an original story. Consequently, we will not see anything (or almost) of what we have seen in the movies in terms of plot, but we will only play the role of the protagonist.

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It is likely, however, that the game still features remakes of the movie trilogy or that it is a sort of sequel that continues to tell the story. Other speculations would like the game to tell of something completely different and that opens the sky for a new universe with RoboCop as the protagonist. The fact is that, for the moment, we do not have enough information to advance more precise hypotheses. Nevertheless, as soon as we receive new information, we will promptly update you.

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RoboCop Rogue City gameplay

If as far as the plot is concerned we still don't have any kind of detail, the same cannot be said for the gameplay. Some time ago, the developers had made a playable demo available to a small circle, and from there, some important details emerged. The game is a first-person shooter and thanks to some graphic tricks, for instance, the rendering of the firefights is noticeably cinematic, and hitting the targets seems to be a satisfying practice, while the character's armor continues to cause bullets to ricochet because it is essentially impervious to medium-caliber bullets and only vulnerable to war machine guns, missiles, and special rifles.

We will also be able to get the information we need to identify a suspect, and find out where he is, so that we can get in touch with him, question him, and eventually arrest him, through dialogues with multiple options, the outcome of which will flesh out an indicator of the community's trust in the robot policeman. Alternatively, if he were to object, use force.

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In contrast to the previously mentioned choice to create a first-person shooter instead of a third-person one, the dialogue sequences on the one hand show how well done the RoboCop model is, on whose shining armor the lights of the city are reflected: further, hard blow; and on the other hand, they present PNGs with necessary animations, children of a very dated approach.

Directly from Gamescom 2023, new information is presented. In a lengthy gameplay, the Detroit of the future is depicted in motion, allowing the general audience to finally get a closer look at RoboCop Rogue City. In fact, the US editorial crew of IGN evaluated the shooter by hand before sharing around sixteen minutes of gameplay on its channels. The shooter is available for PC and console. Some of the key gameplay elements that set first-person shooters apart are revealed in the video.

RoboCop Rogue City: Everything We Know
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