RoboCop Rogue City Endings: How to Get Them All

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RoboCop Rogue City Endings: How to Get Them All

RoboCop Rogue City gives you the chance to get three different endings. Based on the relationships you build with the main characters of the game, after defeating the final boss, you will arrive at one of the RoboCop Rogue City endings. To be precise, after you have defeated the Old Man boss, you will have the possibility, at this juncture, to decide whether to spare the life of your enemy, leave him there to die, or kill him yourself. It will be up to you to decide how to proceed. In this article, in every way, we will tell you how to get every RoboCop Rogue City ending present in the game.

Spare the Old Man

If you intend to finish the game by getting a good ending, your choice will have to be to save the Old Man. This will allow you to demonstrate that you are not just a machine at all and that inside you there is still a heart and a conscience that can be traced back to Officer Murphy. If you select this option, therefore, you will see a cutscene in which RoboCop will approach to save his opponent, only that, at that moment, more pillars will fall from the ceiling and the Old Man will push you away to save your life.

At this point, you will be able to see how RoboCop manages to escape from the structure and you will watch a news report that will allow you to know the fate of some characters you have met during your adventure. In fact, based on the decisions you have chosen to make during the game, each character will have a different ending, from the happy ones to those who have fallen into tragedy.

Consequently, we can say that this ending is the one that players, who from the beginning believed that RoboCop was more than a simple war machine, can be most satisfied with and that they should aim to unlock. Ultimately, RoboCop was born from a real person, so something of that person is still there inside him; it just had to be found and brought to light.

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robocop rocgue city endings

Leave the Old Man to die

If, however, you are not among the players who think that RoboCop could have a heart and a conscience, you have the possibility to choose between two bad endings. If you choose to turn your back on the Old Man once you defeat him, this will lead you to one of these RoboCop Rogue City endings. Your enemy will try to reach you to save himself, but he won't be able to because rubble will fall on him and kill him.

Also in this case, obviously, you will witness a cutscene that, to be honest, will be very similar to that of the previous ending. On this occasion, in fact, RoboCop will emerge unscathed from the building just before it collapses, destroying everything in that area. The difference lies in the fact that, if you choose this ending, the characters you will have to deal with during your adventure will not have very happy destinies. Some will have the same outcomes, while others will have to let themselves go to much more difficult and tragic destinies.

If you choose this as the ending, know that you will not demonstrate that RoboCop is able to think with his mind but that he is simply a machine created to carry out orders given to him. However, this is certainly not the worst of the RoboCop Rogue City endings, as you will have the possibility to choose another one that can be considered the worst of the three. Let's see together what it is.

robocop rocgue city endings

Kill the Old Man

What can be considered the worst of the RoboCop Rogue City endings is certainly the one in which you decide to kill the Old Man. In fact, in this case, you will choose, very coldly, to approach your opponent and disconnect all the cables the machine needs to live, which will kill him instantly. This, therefore, will prove how it is not possible for any reason in the world that RoboCop could have a conscience but that he was only created to follow orders. In this case, his mission was to eliminate the threat of the Old Man and he continued his mission until he got what he needed to get.

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However, as regards the fate of the other characters you have met during your adventure, there is actually no radical change. Most of them, in fact, will have the same fate as if you chose to let the Old Man die, so the differences are very minimal. This ending, therefore, was created to give players the satisfaction of being the ones to eliminate the threat themselves and not let it die due to circumstances.

robocop rocgue city endings

RoboCop Rogue City endings explained

The ending where you decide to save the Old Man is definitely the one you should choose in case you want to prove that there is humanity in RoboCop and that Officer Murphy is still there somewhere. Furthermore, this will also allow you to have better endings for all the other characters in the game, with the public starting to have good opinions about RoboCop (which will not always be the case throughout the game). Your actions really matter in RoboCop Rogue City, so decide what to do carefully.

After all, in fact, if you choose to pursue one of the other two RoboCop Rogue City endings, things certainly won't be rosy. In addition to demonstrating that RoboCop doesn't have a bit of humanity inside him and that therefore there is nothing left of Officer Murphy (which will turn public opinion against the robot), many of the characters you will have met in your adventure will have tragic endings. This shows, therefore, how RoboCop's actions not only influence him and those he faces, but also everyone around him and beyond.

In any case, despite the choice you make and which of the RoboCop Rogue City endings you choose, the final cutscene will always be the same. In fact, you will see that RoboCop will return to the police station together with Anne Lewis, who will also want to continue serving after being seriously injured. And this is how RoboCop Rogue City ends, leaving you to understand that, despite what has happened, RoboCop's work is not yet finished and there will always be new threats to neutralize.

robocop rocgue city endings

RoboCop Rogue City Endings: How to Get Them All
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