Rise of the Ronin Review Roundup

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Rise of the Ronin Review Roundup

Rise of the Ronin has generated a lot of interest since its announcement. Compared by many to Ghost of Tsushima or even Sekiro, the curiosity to see if this new IP was truly similar to these other games was great. Despite the launch period seeing it clash with other important games, one above all Dragon's Dogma 2, it seems that the Rise of the Ronin reviews have underlined that the game manages to defend itself well (even if not for all reviewers). So let's see what the major international sites think about Rise of the Ronin.

PlayStation Universe – 9,5/10

“A jack of all trades and master of some, though Rise of the Ronin feels like a melting pot of influences from other games, it is also quite the surprise of the year for me thus far as it clearly shows that Team Ninja has a confident grasp of compelling open world design in a way that many of its genre stablemates do not. Though the visual presentation might be comparatively a little rough around the edges, Rise of the Ronin nonetheless is simultaneously the most accessible and ambitious game Team Ninja has done to date and one that both hardcore action RPG fiends and open world adventure aficionados will surely embrace.” [Read full review] – John-Paul Jones

Twinfinite – 9/10

“Rise of the Ronin is not only a terrific soulslike, but it presents a possible turning point in being the first high-profile entry in the genre to give difficulty choices. Even without that, it is still a fun game that anyone can get into and enjoy, as the combat is worth mastering because nothing beats the feeling of a perfectly timed Counterspark. Plus, this is an excellent way to learn about an important time in Japanese history if you didn't already know it.” [Read full review] – Cameron Waldrop

GamingTrend – 9/10

“Rise of the Ronin is nothing if not ambitious, and though that ambition leads to the game not being as polished as you may expect from a PS5 release, it still manages to tell an enthralling story in which your actions truly matter, while also utilizing a unique bond mechanic, an in-depth -albeit slightly repetitive – combat system, and so much to do you'll find yourself losing sleep in an effort to complete just one more task. Those approaching Rise of the Ronin like the next Nioh will likely leave disappointed, but those who approach Team Ninja's latest effort with an open mind and patience will find a gem that just happens to have a few rough edges.” [Read full review] – Richard Allen

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GGRecon – 8/10

“Accessible, fun, and full of ambition, Rise of the Ronin will have you hooked on its combat no matter what type of player you are – with an exciting story of engaging characters being bloodied icing on the cake. Sure, some of its RPG systems won’t be for everyone, but Team Ninja’s first open-world effort is almost everything you could want from an action-packed samurai game set in Japan.” [Read full review] – Ben Williams

Checkpoint Gaming – 8/10

“Rise of the Ronin is another action-heavy success story for samurai heavy-hitters, Team Ninja. The world and setting are perfectly suited to enhance the roleplaying depth of the game’s design as your unnamed hero makes important choices in a divided world. Fun is always at the forefront, even if certain open-world tropes lead to rinse-and-repeat content. This is because the moment-to-moment gameplay, including both traversal and combat, remains delightfully engaging throughout. The dialogue can be hit or miss, but Rise of the Ronin still finds a way to satisfy, in both its big action setpieces as well as those tiny little details.” [Read full review] – Elliot Attard

Noisy Pixel – 8/10

“Rise of the Ronin masterfully combines a rich historical fantasy narrative with intricate combat mechanics, creating an immersive experience that respects and challenges player choices. Its expansive world and character-driven story offer a depth that goes beyond traditional action games, despite minor traversal issues and graphical hiccups. The game's strength lies in its narrative, testing loyalties and allowing for genuine exploration of its thematic divides. Team Ninja's venture into open-world design showcases their prowess in blending engaging storytelling with rewarding gameplay. Although it faces comparisons to visually stunning titles like Ghost of Tsushima, Rise of the Ronin stands out for its compelling narrative and strategic combat, making it a significant achievement for players seeking depth and complexity.” [Read full review] – Azario Lopez

Dexerto – 8/10

“Rise of the Ronin doesn’t offer the photo-realistic visuals of those seen in Ghost of Tsushima, nor does it provide the nail-biting difficulty of Sekiro. Instead, Team Ninja’s samurai epic successfully forges a new path – blending adrenaline-fueled combat, fun traversal mechanics, and a loveable cast of characters, wrapping them all together in a world ripe for exploration. Just like the ronin themselves, Team Ninja’s open-world game is not bound by the old masters of the past – instead, it rises to the challenge set by Sucker Punch and FromSoftware, forging its own path to stand firmly amongst them.” [Read full review] – James Busby

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Press Start Australia – 7/10

“While still an apt Souls-like experience, Rise of the Ronin struggles to find its identity amongst Team Ninja's catalogue. It feels like it's being pulled in different directions, and starts to collapse under its own ambition in the third act. In saying this, the DNA of Nioh and Wo Long is palpable here, and I have no doubt that fans of Team Ninja will enjoy this first foray into open world design despite its shortcomings.” [Read full review] – Harry Kalogirou

Push Square – 6/10

“Rise of the Ronin isn't a bad game; it's something debatably worse: completely forgettable. With dated open world design and a monotonous narrative, the cracking combat of a Team Ninja title is left to try and pick up the pieces. It manages to get the title in acceptable shape, and with its Bonds system and culture clash, just about forms an experience one could enjoy. Where it falls apart is the fact the open world is so intrinsically linked to all these features and mechanics that it's impossible to find pleasure in them for any respectable length of time. Rise of the Ronin is designed to attract a wider audience than Team Ninja titles past; what they find might put them off for good.” [Read full review] – Liam Croft

ComicBook.com – 6/10

“Rise of the Ronin isn't necessarily an awful game, it's just one that's quite unremarkable. When this project was first unveiled back in 2022, I was ecstatic to see Team Ninja tackle the open-world genre and was curious to see how the studio would bring its own unique ideas to this format. Instead, virtually nothing that Team Ninja has done with Rise of the Ronin is enough to set itself apart from a growing deluge of games in the genre. With so many other titles to choose from in this space, there are far better options that warrant your time and attention.” [Read full review] – Logan Moore


Rise of the Ronin Review Roundup
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