Riot Teases Teamfight Tactics Set Three alongside Mobile Version, Set to Arrive Mid-March

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Riot Teases Teamfight Tactics Set Three alongside Mobile Version, Set to Arrive Mid-March

Today, Riot revealed that the new Teamfight Tactics set and mobile version are both on the way. League of Legends has an expansive universe, and this will allow the TFT team to explore different thematics going forward including a new thematic tease for Set Three with the keywords “project,” “star,” “space,” “pulse,” and “out of this world.” Set Three is planned to go live in mid-March and will be exploring the galactic thematic of the League Universe.

Riot Games also announced more news on the release of the mobile version of TFT, planned to go live in mid-March in most countries, as well as being compatible with both IOS and Android. It will have full cross-platform play with PC in the majority of regions. Riot looks to be working hard in getting all the mobile versions of the game out within this year.

Teamfight Tactics was Riot Games' first introduction into the auto battler genre. The game gained a lot of traction and became a permanent game mode halfway through 2019. TFT has become an integral part of the world and has had a huge success when looking at its first full season (Rise of The Elements), which is looking to keep expanding by looking at new champions and origins, through the reveal we see Leona and Karma shown.TFT was the first permanent rotating game mode and has some major updates for 2020. With this season being a success, Riot is still looking to improve the overall feel of the game; thus some key items will be reworked within Set Two and beyond.

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