Riot Games Announces New Riot Games Arena for LEC and VCT

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Riot Games Announces New Riot Games Arena for LEC and VCT

When will you be going to the new Riot Games Arena in Berlin?

The Riot Games Arena is a new venue hosting EMEA's biggest esports competitions, such as the VCT and the LEC. Riot Games announced a new home for some of Europe's most significant leagues earlier today, saying goodbye to the LEC studio and the EMEA coliseum.

The venue will be ready for 2024 and will remain based in Adlershof, Berlin. The new Riot Games arena will bring a unique experience to its fans in attendance and the ones watching online. The Riot Games Arena, as mentioned, will serve as host to Riot's current esports titles, such as League of Legends and VALORANT, but will also play host to other Riot events, including but not exclusive to Teamfight Tactics and VCT Gamechangers.

The new arena will work with Riots' newly formed Dublin Broadcasting Centre. This will also allow for a much-improved broadcast experience with the remote broadcast centre, allowing for the Riot Games Arena to seamlessly switch between the various brands, for example, the VCT and LEC branding.

“We’re all in on esports at Riot Games and in EMEA, so this upgraded, world-leading esports facility will become the beating heart of our esports operations in the region, servicing all our competitions,” said Alberto Guerrero, Head of Esports, EMEA at Riot Games. “Creating a venue of this scale is a testament to our long-term dedication to continue developing the future of esports in EMEA for our fans, teams, and their players, and the facility will set us up for further success in the years to come.”

The new Riot Games Arena will completely overhaul the in-person fan experience with improved seating areas, an enhanced on-stage LED screen, a theatrical layout, and more. Fans of co-streamers will be pleased to know Riot is implementing two co-streaming booths. This has proven popular with the fans, as seen by the co-streamer setups in the VCT America's league.

“When planning the refurbishment, we put player and fan needs and desires central to our decision making,” said Sarah Joynt Borger, Head of Media House for Riot Games EMEA. “On-site, we want to offer an experience that brings them into our worlds, immersing them more fully into Riot Games’ universes. With a large portion of our fan base watching from home, we also needed to emphasize the quality and diversity of our broadcast and production to enhance their personal viewing experience.”

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