Riot Opens League of Legends Esports Arena in South Korea

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Riot Opens League of Legends Esports Arena in South Korea

Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends has announced a new arena in Seoul, South Korea. The new venue will be called LoL PARK. The venue will host the 2018 LoL World Championship play-in stage from October 1-4 and 6-7. The LoL PARK will host the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) starting in 2019.

LoL Park Features


LoL PARK’s LCK venue will have a 500 seat capacity. The venue will include locker rooms, a 100-seat high-end gaming center, plus a Riot Games retail store. There will also be a Cafe Bilgewater that is said to be “so spectacular”. Lastly there will be an LCK exhibition zone which includes LoL statues, 3D figures and LCK team uniforms. 

LoL PARK's gaming center will be opened this month. The arena will not have all the facilities available for the World Championship play-in stage. Riot Games says that all facilities will be completed and available by January 2019.

Audience Features


One very cool feature is the proximity of the audience seats to the stage. The audience will be so close that they can see the players actual screens. Additionally there will be a large screen at the top of the stage.

Another feature is that their will be a coaching box to the side of the stage which is also visible to the audience.

Source: Inven Global

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