Riot Adjusts Prices of RP and TFT Coins in US, Canada and EU

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Riot Adjusts Prices of RP and TFT Coins in US, Canada and EU

With the worldwide inflation, Riot adjusts prices of RP purchases across the US, Canada and EU.

Although League of Legends is a free-to-play game, there are many in-game purchases available to players. Almost all of these purchases can be made by buying Riot Points (RP) with real currency.

For a long time, RP prices in Major regions weren’t changed, the last time was in 2015 when Euro lost some strength against the US Dollar. The last significant change was in 2021, when Brazil, Latin America, Russia, and Turkey regions saw increases in their RP prices.

However, yesterday Riot announced that they were to make adjustments, read increase, to US, Canada, EU and UK. The changes will also include Tencent regions, but not Garena. This increase isn’t much surprising, as with the worldwide inflation most big companies are increasing their prices, especially in the gaming space. In the Reddit thread on the subject, a Rioter commented that “Riot’s largest expense is our people and the average compensation per person…”

First reactions from the community towards this increase weren’t too positive. Some fans commented that with the perceived value loss from the recent Passes and the Mythic Essense changes, the company’s monetization is not going in the right direction.

Still, the change in the RP prices is planned to take effect starting on August 19 Pacific Time. Before the increase, from July 14 to July 31 Pacific Time, there is a period where players can gain double “bonus RP” and “bonus TFT coins” on all RP and TFT Coin purchases in every region. After the bonus promotion ends, RP bundles will go back to normal prices, until the August 19 change.

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All price changes

US (Average price change: 9.8%)

Canada (Average price change: 9.9%)

EU (Average price change: 9.8%)

UK (Average price change: 10.9%)


Riot Adjusts Prices of RP and TFT Coins in US, Canada and EU
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