RFRSH & Astralis Announce Two-Year Logitech G Partnership

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RFRSH & Astralis Announce Two-Year Logitech G Partnership

RFRSH Entertainment has announced they have entered into a two-year partnership with Logitech G.

RFRSH Entertainment, owners of the Danish Counterstrike squad Astralis, announced a two-year partnership with Logitech G to provide equipment and peripherals to the Danes. This is the second RFRSH-owned team Logitech has sponsored in the past week. Last Wednesday, Logitech G also sponsored RFRSH’s League of Legends LEC team, Origen.

As with the Origen sponsorship, Astralis players will be involved in the production and development of future Logitech G products, according to the press release.

Jakob Lund Kristensen, Co-Founder of RFRSH Entertainment, said that Logitech G shared their drive to succeed when asked about the partnership, saying “We’ve invested significantly in the buildup of our teams, facilities and the organization and we’re constantly looking for areas to improve the conditions for both Astralis and Origen. We want to work with partners who have the same ambition, and the partnership with Logitech G will showcase this. “

On the Logitech side, Ujesh Desai, Vice President and General Manager at Logitech G, had this to say on bring RFRSH on board:

“At Logitech G, we have a passion for collaborating with the best of the best to produce innovative, world-class gear for competition.  We are excited to partner with one of the best Counterstrike teams in the world and we look forward to leveraging their expertise in developing gaming gear for pros everywhere.”

Image VIA: ESL