Origen and Logitech Announce Partnership

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Origen and Logitech Announce Partnership

The LEC's Origen and peripheral-maker Logitech announced a partnership this afternoon.

Logitech and RFRSH Team Up

RFRSH Entertainment and Logitech revealed their two-year partnership today in an official press release. Origen, a RFRSH brand, will start to use Logitech products when competing in the LEC. Additionally, the players will “be integrated in[to] the development of new Logitech G products and help push the development for new technologies that will help gamers around the world.”

Jakob Lund Kristensen, Co-Founder of RFRSH Entertainment, had this to say on the newly announced partnership:

“We’ve invested significantly in the build-up of our teams, facilities and the organization and we’re constantly looking for areas to improve the conditions for both the players and the organization around them. We want to work with partners who have the same ambition, and the partnership with Logitech G will showcase this. In addition to the financial side, merchandise and the ambassadorship, between the Origen team and Logitech G, we will also be working together on introducing new products for the gaming market. Together we will be working on improving the teams’ and players’ facilities to support world-class esports.”

Kold is on Board

Origen players also chimed in on the partnership as well. Jonas “Kold” Andersen, Origen's jungler, expressed excitement over the partnership.

“I am thrilled that we are finally partnering up with Logitech G. We have been playing with their gear for the entire season now, and it’s really just state-of-the-art when it comes to both the look and feel as well as the sheer quality of the product. It makes me happy to be a part of an organization that goes above and beyond for us to create the perfect performance setup. This partnership is really about that, because we will now be able to utilize all that Logitech G can do to its fullest.”

Origen returned to the LEC this year after a year-long hiatus from the League. They are currently for fourth in the LEC standings going into Rift Rivals with a record of 3-3.

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