Remnant 2 Crossplay, Campaign Progression, and More in a Q&A

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Remnant 2 Crossplay, Campaign Progression, and More in a Q&A

Remnant 2 has turned out to be a huge success, with critical acclaim receiving rave reviews and sales having already registered one million copies sold. Despite this great reception, however, there are some aspects of the game that players have not liked very much, such as the Remnant 2 crossplay and the progression of the campaign that cannot be shared with other players. For this reason, in a very recent Q&A on Reddit, the developers answered some of the most popular questions regarding the game in recent days.

Remnant 2 crossplay is in the works

Perhaps one of the shortcomings that most made players turn up their noses is the lack of crossplay for the Gunfire Games title. This means that players of one platform cannot play with those who own the game on another platform, only with those who own the same version. In fact, a user explicitly asked the development team if they intend to implement this feature and the response from the developers promptly arrived: “Yes, we are looking at it. There are issues with the different platforms and what they require in order to allow crossplay, but it is being actively worked on.”

So, all those who have the desire to play Remnant 2 with their friends who have a different platform than theirs will have to wait a little longer. The developers have not gone too far even revealing the time it will take to implement this feature, but we imagine that it will not be long before they release an update that allows it.

Remnant 2 campaign progression

Another sensitive issue that has emerged since the launch of the game is that of not being able to share the progression of the campaign when playing in co-op. Multiple users have complained that this feature is not present, but the development team has responded by saying that it would have been technically impossible to implement, given the random nature of the game. For this reason, all those who were hoping for an update that could add this functionality will have to give up their hopes as it is very unlikely that such a thing will ever be implemented.

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Remnant 2 Q&A

Q: Are there plans to improve PS5 performance? I get 0.25-.5 second freezes when picking up relics. I get similar freezes during battles with glowing red enemies. I’ve lowered my PS5 to 1080 on balanced mode. Performance mode has horrible screen tearing.

A: The freeze when picking up certain items definitely needs to be looked at. And to answer your question in general, yes. We are looking at performance improvements that will help all platforms. And yeah, Performance mode doesn’t have any type of vsync. I suggest Balanced, which is basically Performance mode with Vsync.

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Q: Any chance of changing how the difficulties work in the future? Instead of simply dialing up health/damage/armor numbers, maybe increasing mob density, adding more elites, roaming aberrations, etc?

A: We have some plans for difficulty, but I can’t really talk about much right now.

Q: I know there’s a plethora of things the team is working on. Is the dev team aware of and working the bug where Cass is out of the map in Ward 13?

A: We have a fix for it, should be in the next patch.

Q: Will the PS5 update adress the trophies for amount of weapons traits and melee weapons owned? I’ve gone through 2 characters and even when playing only solo offline on the second one these didn’t unlock for me.

A: We fixed the underlying issue with the trophy/achievement system. But this patch won’t fix the actual trophies. We actually can’t retroactively give trophies on PS5, but we will do something in a subsequent patch where if you just pick up one more weapon (or trait), for instance, it will award the trophy. In short, we will do our best to make people whole.

Q: Why the decision to kneecap the trait progression system? I somewhat listed out why i thought it was a pretty bad move here and I am sincerely hoping to know if there is any wrong logic I made perhaps?

A: I think there is a valid argument that in R1 traits were a nice way to just grind up your power over time. We aren’t deaf to that complaint. I think for R2 we had a different idea in mind for traits, and that’s what we built for. There is still some work on balance and making more of the traits viable in a build, but the idea of a fixed number of points and tweaking a build is what we were going for.

All that said, we do plan to add mechanics that allow for more long term grinding up your player’s power. We never really designed the traits for this in R1, it just sort of ended up that way. So I will say that for whatever we do, we will be designing it from the ground up with that in mind and it will be more meaningful that way.

Hope that helps.

Q: One of the few criticisms that’s been repeated across the board is that the main story falls rather flat to the world’s adventures and individual plot lines. Would future dlc attempt to hone in on making the main earth more interesting like in rem1, or would the team be willing to reapproach the storyline in minor ways with an update to add more journals or ward13 personal missions?

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A:I think that’s a valid complaint. The “Main Story” in Remnant has always been sort of a bootstrap for the individual world stories. That said, I would love the opportunity to expand on what’s happening on Earth. For one thing, where the heck did Ford go? What’s he up to?

Q: Is there any future plans on improving latency in co-op? countless times have me and my friends dodged skills in fights that shouldn’t hit but do and when doing the same fight in solo, get hit a lot less… almost impossible to think 1s ahead of yourself to dodge roll some mechanics :/. Thank you

A: This is something I want our team to look at for sure.

Q: Devs, please please please don’t pander to the DR complainers by trivialising Apocalypse. You said it right. It isn’t meant to be doable by everyone. If you make DR what everyone is asking it to be, it will be. Please stick to your vision.

A: I assure you we won’t trivialize Apocalypse. However, we do want to make sure there are multiple types of viable builds so I’m sure there will be some tweaks along the way.

Q: Just wanted to ask since read in another comment that you’re a fan of Terraria: Was the Summoner Archetype and the method of how you acquire it inspired by Terraria in any capacity? We have floating purple orbs that you have to collect during blood moons, an alter that you need to craft this stuff at, all on a world that is corrupted (and red). Although I know summons were present in FtA, Terraria also had its own summoner class.

A: It’s not one of the more obvious influences, but Terraria had a big influence on the game. I’m not sure about the summoner specifically, but for me it’s one of my all time favorite games.

Q: Just curious, but is there a way to locate the Archon armor set within The Labyrinth? Thus far each archetype has had their respective set in their location (ie the Academic in Losomn, the Engineer in N’Erud) since as of right now, at least on console, you can’t purchase from Whispers?

A: This will roll out on console when those patches get rolled out.

Remnant 2 Crossplay, Campaign Progression, and More in a Q&A
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