Remnant 2 Bosses: A Complete List

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Remnant 2 Bosses: A Complete List

As in any game, Remnant 2 also has bosses to deal with. However, being a looter-shooter with soulslike mechanics, the Remnant 2 bosses can be more difficult to deal with than those present in other games. Also, another thing to consider is that in the game there are many bosses to face and, also due to how the developers have decided to set up the game, you could face one boss rather than another. For this reason, in this article, we have decided to create a complete list of all the bosses in the game, divided by worlds.

Remnant 2 Losomn bosses

Losomn is one of the worlds where there are multiple bosses to face. Below we list the complete list.

remnant 2 the nightweaver

World bosses

  • Faerin
  • Faelin
  • The Nightweaver


  • Gwendil: The Unburnt
  • The Council
  • Bloat King
  • Magister Dullan
  • The Huntress
  • The Red Prince

Remnant 2 N'Erud bosses

The world of N'Erud allows you to encounter a reduced amount of bosses compared to that of Losomn; this, however, does not mean that it is a simpler world to deal with, it all depends on your aptitudes and your way of playing. Below is the complete list.

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remnant 2 sha'hala

World bosses

  • Sha'hala: Spectral Guardian of N'Erud
  • Tal Ratha (Metaphysical)
  • Tal Ratha


  • The Astropath
  • The Custodian's Eye
  • Primogenitor

Remnant 2 Yaesha bosses

Yaesha, like N'Erud, also has a smaller amount of bosses to face, but as we have already said in the case of the previous world, Yaesha's world is also not to be underestimated.

remnant 2 corrupted ravager

World bosses

  • Corruptor
  • Corrupted Ravager


  • Kaeula's Shadow
  • Mother Mind
  • Legion
  • Shrewd

Remnant 2 The Labyrinth bosses

The Labyrinth is the world in Remnant 2 with the least bosses to face of all, in fact, there is only one.

remnant 2 labyrinth sentinel

World bosses

  • Labyrinth Sentinel

Remnant 2 Root Earth bosses

The world of Root Earth, as well as The Labyrinth, features only one world boss to face. The difference is, however, the fact that in Root Earth there are also other bosses to be faced during the adventure, which does not happen in the world of The Labyrinth.

remnant 2 annihilation

World bosses

  • Annihilation


  • Cancer
  • Venom
  • Bane
Remnant 2 Bosses: A Complete List
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