Remnant 2 Awakened King Ritualist Class: How to Unlock it

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Remnant 2 Awakened King Ritualist Class: How to Unlock it

The base game gave us several archetypes (or classes) to choose from, some available from the start, while others had to be discovered and unlocked by following very specific steps. In this DLC, things are certainly no different. To unlock the Remnant 2 Awakened King ritualist class, in fact, you will have to follow very specific steps and go in search of the enigma you need in the new areas made explorable thanks to this expansion. If you are experiencing difficulties, in this article, we will explain how to do it.

How to unlock the Remnant 2 Awakened King ritualist class

Once you have managed to access the new content made available by this DLC, you will have to play this expansion for a while before you will be able to unlock the Remnant 2 Awakened King ritualist class. In this case, starting from the new area where you will be in Losomn, continue until you reach a canal with boats connected to each other. Given the random nature of the game, the areas you may have to go through to reach this place may be different, so there is no point in explaining how to get there.

Anyway, as soon as you see the canal with the boats, start jumping on them so that you can travel along the canal itself. At a certain point, you will find yourself under the docks, so what you will have to do in this area is to find an opening on the wall that will take you to another path. Follow the path to the end, until you reach a place where a ritual is taking place in which there is a witch intent on sacrificing a pig. It's not difficult to imagine what you'll have to do: kill them both; otherwise, you won't be able to continue to unlock the Remnant 2 Awakened King ritualist class.

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Now, what you will need to do is look at the middle post that is in the rest of the cave. In fact, if you get closer, you will find a Ragged Poppet attached to the post. Grab the item and return to Ward 13 using the nearest checkpoint. At this point, what you will have to do is head towards Wallace and have the Ragged Poppet upgraded to become a Cursed Effigy. This object, in fact, is the one that will allow you to unlock the Remnant 2 Awakened King ritualist class.

This ritualist archetype is an archetype that mainly uses status effects, both as an offensive and defensive weapon. In fact, in addition to being able to use them against enemies, it is also able to reduce the effects of those that enemies try to inflict on you, something that is certainly very useful during your adventure. As for his Prime Perk, it is Vile, which allows you to cause all types of status effects that you inflict, even the Infected effect. This is a very useful ability because the Infected status effect allows you to inflict more damage on opponents.

Remnant 2 Awakened King ritualist

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