Ravenholm Interactive Interview: What Do We Know About Their Game?

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Ravenholm Interactive Interview: What Do We Know About Their Game?

We had the opportunity to interview Ravenholm Interactive, a small studio made up of six people who are passionate about video games located in Turkey. Currently working on their Cyberpunk-themed parkour game called Existence, the development team answered some of our questions.

We spoke to members of the development team at Ravenholm Interactive ahead of the game's release in early 2024.

For now, what we know about your game is that is called Existence and it’s a Cyberpunk-themed parkour game. Can you tell us a bit more about the plot?

In the “Existence” we have a cyberpunk-themed concept, but we are aiming to present the theme in a more post-apocalyptic atmosphere. Our inspirations for the theme are works like Altered Carbon and Blade Runner. As for the game mechanics, our main focus is on parkour. We chose this mechanic to provide a fluid gameplay experience; however, there are some challenges. You might remember from older games that distant checkpoints required players to be more cautious, immersing them into the game. We wanted to use a similar system. We have a brief backstory, and depending on the success of the game, we are considering sequels.

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In recent years, video games have mixed different genres and it’s difficult to find a game that is tied to just one of them. What would you say about your game?

Since this is the first big game we are working on, we wanted to go a little simpler on the idea. One of the main reasons for this is that everyone in our team of 6 people works in different jobs and develops the game in their free time. Another part we thought of while creating the idea is the Twitchable system, we want the game to be enjoyable to watch on Twitch and we want the broadcaster and viewers to have a pleasant time. We can call this a kind of marketing strategy, we don't have a budget for marketing, we don't even have a budget

According to what we have seen so far, it looks like the game has some Ghostrunner influences. With that being said, what games have inspired you the most?

Mechanically and fluently, of course, Ghostrunner is a game that we are inspired by and our goal is to progress by making additions to it.

We know you have said that the game will be released at the end of this year. When did you decide upon this date?

If there is no setback, we plan to release the game at the beginning of 2024; the idea of this game came on 10/06/2023 at the airport with my friend; of course, it took a week to project the idea and make a road map.

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Ravenholm Interactive interview
A first look at Existence, the first game from Ravenholm Interactive

The game will be released on PC. Are there any chances to see the game on other platforms in the future?

Of course, we aim to bring it to different platforms as much as possible.

Developing video games is not an easy task. There are a lot of things to take into account during the whole process. What are the hardest and easiest aspects you are facing?

Time has been the most difficult thing for us; working in the conditions of the country we are in and also developing such a game is a difficult and troublesome part for us, but the whole process has been fun so far. Our excitement and motivation increase with each change we make.

Considering what we just said, being a small team certainly has advantages and disadvantages. Can you tell us about them?

The most difficult part of being a small team like us with no budget is time and energy, as I mentioned in the previous question, we cannot give all our energy to this game because we work in different jobs during the day.

On your Reddit account, you are asking people for their feedback during your whole development process. How’s the community reception so far?

People's likes and constructive comments motivate us, we get more excited with every upvote, and we are more determined in every criticism.

Lastly, if you could join forces with another development team for a hypothetical game, which team would it be? Why?

We never thought about it, but it would be a pleasure for us to work with teams that share the same feeling.

Ravenholm Interactive Interview: What Do We Know About Their Game?
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