Radiance GG Announces League of Legends Team

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Radiance GG Announces League of Legends Team

The hype following Hai “Hai” Lam’s announcement regarding Radiance GG was nothing short of stratospheric. Since he joined the LCS analyst desk, Hai has garnered positivity from almost everyone. So when he revealed that he would be starting his own organization, there was lots of excitement from the community.

Radiance has been hard at work filling out its rosters and staff since the official press release in early February and Hai's conversation with Travis Gafford. One of the big points Hai addressed with Travis was the hidden size and potential of the amateur League of Legends scene. He wanted to bring his expertise and knowledge to the amateur level, and help expose the broader community to it.

That being said, Radiance GG has officially revealed their first roster: a League of Legends team. The roster they found is chock-full of talent and competitive experience.


Position: Top lane

The team’s top laner, Cuong “Aetheres” Ta, has been around LoL for several years. He spent time on several teams during the 2015-2016 LCS seasons, including Renegades and Team Dragon Knights. Most recently, he competed with two current teammates in the TCS hosted by Tyler1. They won the tournament.

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Position: Jungle

In the jungle, Radiance has Nathan “OddOrange” Ryan. OddOrange has been a part of the LoL community since 2013 and has been a regular of the Challenger scene. In 2014, he spent time on Complexity Gaming in the NACL. After two years off, he returned and once again joined a team for the 2017 NACS. Last year, he played both splits for Echo Fox Academy, before joining Polar Ace in December. In a competitive environment that prizes experienced, proactive junglers, OddOrange brings both to the team.


Position: Midlane

The team’s namesake mid laner, Jackson “KatEvolved” Dohan is the least experience on the team. This didn’t stop him from reaching Challenger rank at just 15 years old in 2017. Known in the community as the “Rank 1 Katarina”, he brings a youthful energy to the team. This is definitely a Chancellor Palpatine moment, as we’ll all be watching his career with great interest.


Position: Bot Lane

Robert Clarence “Jurassiq” Mabansag began his career in DOTA 2 before switching to League of Legends in 2014. In 2018, he played for GGS Academy during the Spring Split and participated in 2018 Scouting Grounds as the number one seed among ADCs.


Position: Support

In the support position, Radiance has Olivier “Winter” Lapointe. Winter was a participant in every iteration of Scouting Grounds and has reached Challenger rank every season since season 5. He spent the 2018 Spring Split with OpTic Academy, before moving to Korea for a solo boot camp. When he returned, he joined Polar Ace alongside Jurassiq and Aetheres for the Tyler1 Championship Series.

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Final Thoughts

This team is certainly not lacking experience. All of them except KatEvolved have some form of past professional play. As a roster, their record is nearly unblemished. During their time as Polar Ace, the team only failed to win four tournaments since June 2018, placing top three in 3 of those tournaments. As Buff Katarina, the team has won both tournaments they entered in dominant fashion. With the inherent power in the roster, and now the backing of Hai’s org, Radiance is going to truly shine.

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