PRIME’s Epic Partnership: Haaland Joins as Ambassador

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PRIME’s Epic Partnership: Haaland Joins as Ambassador

Discover the synergy as Haaland teams up with PRIME, founded by Logan Paul and KSI. An alliance redefining sports and wellness

In a monumental move, PRIME, the brainchild of internet sensations Logan Paul and KSI, has welcomed Erling Haaland as its newest representative. The fusion of sports, entertainment, and wellness has birthed an alliance that promises to reshape the worlds of both football and hydration..

PRIME's Epic Partnership: Haaland Joins as Ambassador

Haaland's Journey with PRIME

Erling, the dynamic forward from Manchester City, has emerged as the face of PRIME Hydration, a brand launched by online icons Logan Paul and KSI. The official announcement, made across various social media platforms, celebrates the convergence of two worlds – hydration and football. The tagline “the future of hydration meets the future of football” encapsulates the essence of this landmark partnership.

His inclusion in the popular drink's family seems almost inevitable, with Logan Paul, KSI, and himself commanding attention from a youthful fanbase that eagerly embraces the crossroads of sports and entertainment. This collaboration not only highlights his prowess on the field but also underscores his resonance with a generation that avidly follows the journeys of modern athletes.

Ascension From YouTube to Global Sponsorship

The hydrating drink's rise has been meteoric since its inception in 2022. Founded by Logan Paul and KSI, the company quickly established itself as a contender in the world of beverages, specializing in sports and energy drinks. The journey began with coconut milk-based products infused with essential nutrients such as branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), B vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes. Their array of refreshing flavors, including lemonade, strawberry watermelon, grape, and more, attracted a diverse audience seeking a healthier hydration option.

However, its impact extended beyond taste buds. The brand made strategic inroads into the sports arena, securing partnerships with colossal football clubs such as Arsenal, FC Barcelona, and FC Bayern Munich. This foray into elite football laid the foundation for an even more monumental stride – the inclusion of Erling as their brand's latest sport athlete partner.

The English Footballer Chosen as Ambassador 

His journey with the energy drink comes on the heels of a stellar season. In the 2022-23 campaign, his scoring prowess saw him net more than 50 goals, propelling Manchester City to a resounding treble in his debut season with the club. 

His footballing finesse didn't go unnoticed, transcending the pitch and resonating with bookmakers. Data from sports betting firm Sportradar revealed that by December of the previous year, he had captured around 94% of all bets for top goal scorer in the Premier League. This overwhelming support exemplifies the belief in his extraordinary abilities.

A New Paradigm of Partnerships

The partnership between the footballer and the energy drink marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of collaborations between sports icons and brands. As brain child of the two YouTubers continues to bridge the gap between entertainment and athletics, his association amplifies this synergy, enhancing the brand's credibility and reach. 

This extraordinary alliance showcases the remarkable potential when innovative entrepreneurs like Logan Paul and KSI converge their creative forces with the world of professional football, propelling both the English Footballer and PRIME's futures into uncharted, yet undoubtedly promising, territories.


PRIME’s Epic Partnership: Haaland Joins as Ambassador
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