Pre-Registration Opens for Cross-Platform MMORPG Tarisland

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Pre-Registration Opens for Cross-Platform MMORPG Tarisland

Tarisland is an upcoming MMORPG that can be played across PC, Android and iOS devices with crossplay, and fan’s can pre-register for the game

Tarisland is an ambitious MMORPG project which shares progress and crossplay across mobile and PC devices, featuring a vast open world to explore. There are several puzzles to solve in your adventure in Tarisland’s “vast open world”, and 9 different classes to choose from.

The extensive class and specialization system features classes ranging from Warrior, Mage, and has 2 specializations for each class.Each profession in the game has a rich and flexible talent
tree system, allowing cost-free adjustments based on different combat scenarios to find your unique build.

The MMORPG is also set to feature raids where you gang up with your friends, and
“cooperate with the team to overcome various unique game mechanisms and epic-level bosses.”

The game is set to feature cross-platform play and will allow players to “experience the charm raid progressions on both mobile and PC, with cross-platform data sharing to play Tarisland anytime, anywhere.”

“Tarisland is an expansive MMORPG featuring multiple biomes and civilizations, a vast world to explore, and a rich and compelling story. Multiple game modes allow players to explore Tarisland's diverse and compelling world. Distinct, fully customizable classes give players the flexibility to tailor their character to their individual play style.” reads the official bio for the game.

Tarisland Pre-Registration To Grant Several Rewards, And More

Also, if you pre-register with the LI pass, you will be granted additional rewards, in-game pets and gold. The LI pass is a Lebel Incinite pass which grants rewards and in-game currency across several supported games, and Tarisland seems to be on of them as well.

There is no official information regarding a release date for Tarisland, but we speculate that the game will launch sometime during the Summer of 2o24.

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