Post Scriptum vs Hell Let Loose: Which One Is Better?

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Post Scriptum vs Hell Let Loose: Which One Is Better?

In the world of gaming, it is certainly nothing new to make comparisons between two similar games. In this article, we will delve into the differences and similarities in many respects between Post Scriptum and Hell Let Loose. With the rebirth of Hell Let Loose thanks to its presence in the Game Pass, many have started searching online for “Post Scriptum vs Hell Let Loose”, in order to find out which of the two games is best suited to their needs. Since you are reading this article, you are also part of those people, and therefore we will tell you all the information about it so that you can make your own considerations and decide which of the two games is best for your characteristics, needs, and desires.

Post Scriptum vs Hell Let Loose Overview

Hell Let Loose is a tactical FPS released in early access in 2019 before being released in its final version in 2021. Developed by Black Matter, the game puts us in the shoes of a German or American soldier during the Second World War. The game managed to have a fair amount of fame, although not as great as expected, and went a little quiet compared to other similar productions. However, that doesn't mean that it's not a good game and that you shouldn't give it a chance.

Post Scriptum, on the other hand, was released in 2018 and has not yet seen a full release. Developed by Offworld Industries, this game also puts us in the shoes of a soldier who is part of the Second World War. Even Post Scriptum didn't have a huge success, perhaps also because it was only released on PC and not on other platforms, but the game has some interesting features that could convince you to try it, even if it's not exactly the most popular game in the market.

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Post Scriptum vs Hell Let Loose Gameplay

From a gameplay point of view, the first difference we notice between the two games is the number of people in a team. In fact, in Hell Let Loose, teams can be made up of a maximum of 50 people, while in Post Scriptum, this limit is 40. Furthermore, from the point of view of the maps you can play, in Hell Let Loose there are seven different maps, while in Post Scriptum there are 11.

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The actual pace of the gameplay is more frenetic and faster in Hell Let Loose, so it is suitable for all those players who are always on the move and who like to explore a lot. Whereas, the pace of Post Scriptum is slower and more strategic and relies heavily on teamwork and communication. For this reason, if you are a solitary player and are not very used to collaborating, you may have more difficulty playing, but, obviously, it is nothing insurmountable.

post scriptum vs hell let loose

Post Scriptum vs Hell Let Loose Game Modes

As for game modes, both games offer two different modes that you can participate in. Obviously, there are differences. Hell Let Loose's offensive game mode allows you to get two extra points when the team manages to obtain the objective, a game mechanic that, however, is not present in Post Scriptum. In Hell Let Loose's warfare mode, both teams will have to battle to gain control of the objectives and send the opposing team back to their headquarters; in Post Scriptum's advanced and secure game mode, however, you will have to capture and control all the objectives found on the map.

Consequently, since the game modes proposed by the two games have differences between them, it is up to you to decide which one is best for you. There are many factors to consider, in addition to your way of playing, so giving a precise answer on which of the two is right for you is not easy. Our advice is to refer to what has been said in order to draw your own conclusions; the best thing would be to try them both (if you have the chance) and then decide.

Post Scriptum vs Hell Let Loose Physics

Another aspect to consider in this Post Scriptum vs Hell Let Loose comparison is physics. Post Scriptum features bullet physics, which forces players to also consider distance and angle while aiming. In Hell Let Loose, however, things become even more realistic because, in addition to bullet physics, there are also hit-and-scan weapons, which means that, once fired, the projectile does not take into account the travel time to reach its destination. Consequently, all this translates more simply into the fact that you cannot shoot at random; otherwise, you won't have a long way to go.

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post scriptum vs hell let loose

Which One is Better?

We have arrived at the point most awaited by readers: which is the best? Answering this question is absolutely not simple. Both games are capable of providing immersive and life-like experiences, so if you are a gamer looking for a tactical FPS with these characteristics, you are on the right track in both cases. Even from a setting point of view, both are set during the Second World War, so fans of this historical moment will be very happy. Both games offer many roles with which to approach the game and the gameplay is very satisfying in both situations.

However, the differences that we have listed in detail above are those that could make your choice weigh towards one side rather than the other. If you are looking for a game that focuses on a greater variety of maps and that have a more realistic feel, Post Scriptum is the better choice as it offers more well-detailed maps than Hell Let Loose. But, this may not be the decision parameter of all players. In fact, some may opt to have more players within the teams, in order to make things more interesting.

In short, there is no universal answer to this question. You must take into consideration your characteristics and your way of playing, as well as the type of experience you want to have. If we can say that the games are similar to each other, the same cannot be said of the experiences, which can also be very different. Consequently, our advice would be, as we have already mentioned previously, to do an in-depth study or try both before deciding which one is best for you.

post scriptum vs hell let loose

Post Scriptum vs Hell Let Loose: Which One Is Better?
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