Pokemon Unite: Venusaur Best Solar Beam Build And Held Items

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Pokemon Unite: Venusaur Best Solar Beam Build And Held Items

The new insane damage build of Venusaur. Scorch the enemies and move up the ranks.

Venusaur is a brilliant choice for the attacker's role in the game and probably an A-tier Pokemon. In the new Halloween patch, which we highlighted here, you can see that Venusaur was buffed and nerfed simultaneously. The changes have forced many players to play the Pokemon in a unique style using the Solar Beam to its full potential.

Venusaur’s New Playstyle and Moveset

We usually played Venusaur with the Petal Dance build where the Pokemon would hurl in speed and deal damage to nearby enemies. This ability would go great with Giga Drain or Sludge Bomb. However, after the nerf to Giga Drain, many are reluctant to take Petal Dance with it and go with the usual build. Giga Drain is still viable but the buff to Solar Beam is too big to ignore. Venusaur has now become a long range sniper, dealing immense amounts of damage from long range.

The new moveset comprises Sludge bomb ability, which slows the enemy movement speed and helps in aiming Solar Beam, which you will take as the first choice over Petal Dance.

New Held Items

An in-game screen shot of Venusaurs new held item loadout including Focus Band, Buddy Barrier and Muscle Band

Giving Venusaur all special attack items since it’s a Special Attack Pokemon is a wrong concept. Venusaur is squishy and without Petal Dance he has no escape. Therefore, it is vital to land your attacks and stay at a distance while doing so. Using Focus Band helps get lost HP back quickly and helps during fights. Buddy Barrier is another gem of an item on Venusaur and helps keep him alive in intense team fights. It helps give a shield to not only you, but your nearby teammates in a fight. Last, Muscle Band is a fabulous item which boosts your base damage and makes you a formidable attacker. However, just to have an alternative for a Special Attack Pokemon, you can also use Choice Specs instead of Muscle Band to buff those moves even further.

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