Pokemon Unite To Join Pokemon World Championships 2022

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Pokemon Unite To Join Pokemon World Championships 2022

It’s not just World Championships, but the developers are planning to release more content to the game.

The Pokemon Company has announced that Pokemon Unite will become a part of the upcoming World Championships 2022. This will enable teams from all over the world to take part in a competitive season; opening gates to qualifying teams matching up against each other at World Championships in August.

Pokemon Unite’s entry into esports is a fresh breath of air for many who don’t play the game for just some casual fun. Unite is an easy platform for entering the MOBA genre and its esports will have a similar scenario. It is a platform where competitive players can start and might continue if the game and its esports infrastructure develops.

The company also has informed about an upcoming tournament game mode in the Pokemon Unite title. This will enable players to play without worrying about their Held Items level. This could become a popular game mode, especially for people who don’t want to spend several hours or money to upgrade their Held Items. It is a welcoming change and deviates Unite from a “Pay to Win” approach.

The Pokemon Unite title will also support additional languages in the game, including Bahasa Indonesia, Brazilian Portuguese, Hindi, Russian, Thai, and Turkish.

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