Pokemon Unite: New Character Tsareena To Join The Action; Moves Explained

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Pokemon Unite: New Character Tsareena To Join The Action; Moves Explained

A grass-type is coming to the game.

The Pokemon Company has teased a video showing the abilities of Tsareena, an upcoming character in Pokemon Unite.

Tsareena will be added on December 9 and will be free for a limited time. The company has done this to attract users to log in and play the game. It looks like a fair deal, so we can’t complain. The new grass-type Pokemon will be an all-rounder. It has been a long time now that The Pokemon Company has added a new all-rounder to the game.

Tsareena Moves

A video showcasing the Pokemon’s moves confirms she has Triple Axel, Grassy Glide and Unite Move, Trop Kick. According to the video Tsareena has two glides/dash moves.The first move looks like a great teamfight move. Tsareena glides through the enemy Pokemon and returns along with the enemy. This ability also stuns the enemy unit for a short duration.

Another move shows her jumping in the air and stomping down in an AOE. This must be for stunning multiple enemy units and dealing damage. Tsareena also has a Triple Axel, where she moves three times circularly. It looks like an AOE move damaging nearby enemy units. The grass-type has a second dash move, where she dashes through the enemy, slowing them down.

The Unite Move looks outstanding, where Tsareena picks up an enemy Pokemon in the air, hits it a few times and then slams it hard into the ground. It looks like she will deal massive damage to the Pokemon and other units in an AOE on the ground.

Tsareena looks like a promising addition to the all-rounder team which lacks strong Pokemon, except for Lucario.

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