Pokemon Unite: Is Aegislash Worth Buying?

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Pokemon Unite: Is Aegislash Worth Buying?

Making your decision easier by explaining the new Pokemon Unite character, Aegislash.

Pokemon Unite has announced the all new Aegislash character. The fresh addition to the list of All-Rounders is a Steel/Ghost-type Pokemon. It costs 10,000 Aeos coins, which is one of the higher rates for a Pokemon. We'll explain if it is worth buying or not.


Aegislash goes through two evolutions. Starting from Honedge at level one to Doublade at level five. The Pokemon evolves to Aegislash at level seven.
Our new All-rounder has two movesets just like other Pokemon. Both of them are great to use as of now. However, using Sacred Sword and Iron Head is a lot better.

Again, moveset choice depends on the game and your own play style. Held Item choices also affects it.

Is Aegislash Broken?

Well, Aegislash is not a broken Pokemon. It is very well balanced and has its own strengths and weaknesses. Aegislash is heavily reliant on player’s skills and can’t fetch you wins just by casting spells without actually thinking deeply about the game.

It is quite squishy if not played correctly, but it can also be powerful with the appropriate use of spells. As Aegislash has both attack and shield stance, players have the option to be creative around the character.

Who should buy Aegislash?

Players who are looking to have lots of fun playing with a unique character will enjoy Aegislash. It requires skills and critical thinking. The character can also dominate pubs, but we are not sure how it will perform in professional and coordinated matches.

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