Pokemon Unite Held Item Tier List

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Pokemon Unite Held Item Tier List

Here is a list of best Held Items in Pokemon Unite ranked from best to worst.

Pokemon Unite by The Pokemon Company and Nintendo is a new MOBA game exclusively available to play on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. Since Pokemon Unite is based on the MOBA genre, like other MOBA games, there are some items that your Pokemon can equip to enhance the overall performance.

These are called Held Items, and each one of them has its unique abilities. Some might help in HP recovery, while the others can increase Crit ATK or ATK of the Pokemon. Players can choose up to three Held Items in a match, and you can also upgrade them to make them more powerful. There are over 15 Held Items in Pokemon Unite, and if you are confused about which three of them you should pick, you can refer to the tier list prepared by us below.


A good attack and defense, along with enough HP, are some of the most important things that you require to win a Pokemon Unite game. Here are the Held Items that provide you with the best stats overall.

  • Wise Glasses – Increases the special attack of the pokemon by three percent.
  • Muscle Band – When a basic attack hits, the damage of your pokemon will increase one percent of the opposing Pokemon’s remaining HP.
  • Buddy Barrier – When the Pokemon uses its Unite Move, you and your teammates will be granted a shield, each equal to 20 percent of their max HP.
  • Focus Band – When the HP of your Pokemon gets low, it recovers eight percent of the HP lost every second for three seconds.


If you haven’t unlocked any of the S-Tier items, you can go for these, since they will still give you a decent upper hand in the game.

  • Shell Bell – When the Pokemon hits with a move, it recovers a minimum of 45 HP. The higher the Pokemon’s Sp. Atk, the more HP it recovers.
  • Choice Specs – Increases the damage of moves by a minimum of 40 when they hit. The higher the Pokemon’s Sp. Atk, the more the damage is increased.
  • Razor Claw – After the Pokemon uses a move, its next basic attack deals a minimum of 10 more damage. The higher the Pokemon’s Attack, the more this damage increases. The basic attack also decreases the movement speed of the enemy Pokemon when it is held by a melee Pokemon.
  • Scope Lens – Increases the damage of Pokemon’s basic attack critical hits. The higher the Pokemon’s Attack, the more the damage increases.
  • Score Shield – While the Pokemon is attempting to score a goal, it is granted a shield equal to five percent of its max HP and its goals cannot be interrupted while it is shielded.


These Held Items may not be the best, but if you pair them up with a suitable S or A tier item, you can put them to good use.

  • Sp. Atk Specs – When the Pokemon scores a goal, it’s Sp. Atk increases by 8.
  • Exp. Share – While the Pokemon the fewest Exp. Points on its team, it gains two more Exp. Points per second. In addition, when a nearby teammate defeats a wild Pokemon, that teammate gains slightly more Exp. Points.
  • Energy Amplifier – After the Pokemon uses its Unite Move, the damage the Pokemon deals is increased by 7% for a short time.
  • Assault Vest – When not in combat, the Pokemon is granted a shield that nullifies Sp. Atk damage equal to 9% of its max HP.
  • Float Stone – Increases the movement speed of Pokemon by ten percent when it is not in combat.


These should only be used if you don’t have any of the Held Items from the S, A, or B tier lists; otherwise, it’s better you avoid these.

  • Leftovers – When the Pokemon is not in combat, it recovers 1% of its max HP every second.
  • Weakness Policy – Increases the Pokemon’s Attack for a short time by a minimum of 2% when the Pokemon receives damage. The increase in attack depends upon the number of times Pokemon receives damage.
  • Aeos Cookie – When the Poken scores a goal, its max HP increases by 100.
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