Pokemon Unite: Dragonite To Join The Action Soon

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Pokemon Unite: Dragonite To Join The Action Soon

One of the most awaited Pokemon — Dragonite’s release is finally close.

Pokemon Unite released a teaser trailer for the upcoming winter update. The most important talking point of the video was the inclusion of Dragonite, which was rumored to step in soon. The Pokemon will come on December 15, 2021.

The update will also contain new Christmas themed Holowear for many Pokemon. Along with the cosmetic changes, new holiday-themed wear will give some in-game effects like star-shaped Unite move from Pikachu and Christmas presents dropping when the Pokemon scores. We also see characters wearing Santa hats.

What we know about Dragonite

A Dragon type Pokemon, Dragonite looks like a melee character. From the footage we can see that Dragonite might possess Dragon Breath, Slam, and Draco Meteor. It is not clear if the new character will be an attacker, defender or all-rounder. The recent addition of Tsareena who was also an all-rounder adds to the confusion if Dragonite will join the same group or not.

Pokemon Unite recently crossed 50 million downloads, which is more of a reason for the company to celebrate the Christmas festival. As a bonus, all users who log in from 9 December to 31 January will receive 2k Aeos Tickets. The game’s meteoric rise to popularity confirms how many people love Pokemon and MOBA has a genre for both console and mobile devices.

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